Information on how to change a beacon to another character

Hello, I created another character to have my stores and be able to eliminate some skills such as the tax rate, etc., and I would like to know how to pass my beacon to another character, I am Spanish and there is little information about this game in my language and my English It is not very good, so I am very limited in many tasks.

Los “devs” pueden asistir con eso

oh, I thought I could do it manually somehow quickly, with some function I didn’t know

No unfortunately not as of yet. James may be willing to help. I have asked several times but I think he is very busy. It’s worth a try. So far as I understand they can transfer a beacon to another character but they cannot “merge” a beacon that is of the same character. I think I’m in a large boat in wanting our own option to have a home beacon shared with our alts and the capability to transfer beacons to whoever we choose. There are other threads for that discussion though so I won’t get into detail. Good luck!