Informational post about recent legendville changes

I don’t think it matters if it’s a mall or not, restricting access to someone’s plots I’m sure is again CoC. They would probably look at the circumstances though but I’m sure I’ve seen a case of this before where the shop owner wasn’t restocking but the one who built the walls was ultimately in the wrong


Well there it is, plain and simple I guess.


I get the whole DK Mall, Legendville Mall, Legendville stuff confused.

Is this the one way up on the sky?
If that is the case, and part of this is due to people falling, I can answer the question very very very so very easily as to why that happens. TO MUCH OF THE WALKWAYS/ROADS/EMPTY SHOP PLACES ARE G.D. GLASS! So you don’t realize when its all the sudden open air.

If none of those walkways/roads were glass, or the floors in empty stall spots, I bet barely anyone would have the falling issue.

Anyways, from the screenshot, ehh don’t like the change. Not my build though so you do you. I am neither for nor against the change. Hamburg Mall has walls and specific doors, but it was built that way before it was opened, but it also feels pretty open, not tight and squeezed like the screen shot.

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You are not allowed to try to lock anyone out of their build, or lock other people out of their build, that is up for the owner of the build to do and the owner only.

Honestly the „rude signs“ as you put it would be more legal then trying to deny people access to a build.

If you step back and think about it for a moment, what do you think is going to happen when you lock someones build?

Why yes, It will cause that drama that you claim you want to avoid, so it doesn’t really make sense to have the threat that you are going to lock out someones build if you don’t want to cause drama.

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Hey in other news there are a lot of other decent looking malls in the game! :blush:
Cheers guys peace and love in no way intended to cause drama ™ (LLC)


This guy has the right idea.
If the walls bother you, then build downward a bit. Create staircases, or sub floors with portal access.

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I can’t say I agree with how this guy is handling things but it is a shame to go from planet to planet and see how many shops sit with little to no stock and truth be told in some cases the shop owner has shops on numerous planets most completely empty and maybe one or two that have any stock .

So does this mean that DK mall has now bouncer service and less shortcuts in future?

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I’ve seen this too. Shops that are empty. Messaging the owners doing no good. It’s just sad.

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I have spoken with the dev’s. The lock system is indeed considered against TOS. I made a mistake in my planning im sorry. that being said of course it will never be implemented. I wanna thanks those of you that have givin friendly & honest opinions here! I think we should keep this feed open so the results of the lock system voting can be seen even with it being considered against TOS. Some times new things are scary & this was risky i knew that but this was a non public system that was not finished & forced into the public when this could have all been handled privately between the devs & the parties involved. I have spent a lot of time in boundless helping people & building projects that i think help the game as a whole. I did not mean to upset anyone i was simply trying to make something new. i have been managing legendville on a daily basis for over 1.5 years and this was a pretty rough reception to an idea that was never implemented. Currently im not sure what exactly will happen with the future of legendville but i did want to make sure its clear that the new LOCKING system was considered against TOS & it will never be used in any of my projects. Im sorry for any trouble i may have caused you.


All I know is we clearly need a MOVE BUILD or PLOTS option. This way any issues with people can be resolve by people just moving… The sooner this happens the better I think.


Maybe you could use auto door feature, so that shops that aren’t stocked would be on closed state :smiley:


I LOVE the auto door spanner. And they’re so easy to make…

I take issue with several parts of your post here.

First off you still seem unapologetic about your actions. Not a nice way to play a community game.

Second, you claim this could have been worked out between you and me. I did contact you. You politely told me “tough cookies”. Normally I wouldn’t post a private PM or DM without consent as I think it is rude, but since you have already been sending my DMs around without asking me, I figure you agree. Btw if anyone has the DMs between me and this guy I would be interested to see if he selectively edited. I can’t really see a way that he could have done so but it is good to be sure things are above board.

Third, you just basically moved from Tana to Delta with not a word from me during your 5 months building. It would have been polite to give me a heads up. We were friends for a full year and I own half of Legendville. I was honestly ready to not be your friend anymore after that, but after we talked last month you promised me there would be no more unpleasant surprises. I definitely consider walling me off an unpleasant surprise.

Fourth, you seem to have decided to pretend that the community response is solely to your locked doors idea. It is not. All those people who reported your build? They were reporting your current build not the one in your mind.

To the community: I’m sorry all of you got involved in this ugliness. I hope we get a resolution from the devs that this sort of behavior is not OK, otherwise people need to think before moving to a city “is this a stable city with a stable person in charge? Or might the roads get turned into walls some day”. In my opinion people shouldn’t have to be worried about that. Sure the city leader could quit and you might have to build new roads. But turning roads into walls a year into a city’s life, and refusing to make any sort of attempt to compromise is… yeah. I think that it is just as much a TOS violation as anything else done here.

Pretty much the only people in Legendville are mall residents, me, prime (Fantasy Tree) and lovelyladyroo. You walled all of these people off. Prime is leaving Legendville. I would leave if I could, but I have a responsibility to those who depend on me so the mall is stuck next to you, my bad luck. I’m sure roo will move too as soon as she sees what you have done.

Not a nice way to treat your citizens. I’m sure the community will take note.

Calling people “friend” in DMs doesn’t demonstrate friendship. Actions demonstrate friendship.

I hope above all that you are okay.


:heart: :kissing_heart: ya Dk so don’t be too mad with me…(I already stated that I think Legend’s actions weren’t very community friendly imo…I like to look at things logically, from all angles…)

  1. Wasn’t he there first?
  2. Technically, didn’t you built next to him & blocked him from expanding in your direction?
  3. Looks like you kinda built a semi “wall” of portals that faced away from Legendville?
    Maybe the answers are no, no, no? I dunno.

I don’t think the community should get into a habit of judging builds. Bringing a problem to light is good though. People were unsure if the walls/doors/locks were breaking CoC. Now we know for certain.

We don’t know yet about the walls, I haven’t heard from the devs.

As to the q’s:

  1. Yes with a flat road and no walls. True though. That said if you own city infrastructure I believe you owe it to existing builds to make things work if you redesign. It might not be the “law” but it’s the right thing to do.
  2. I bought the mall from a prior owner who wanted out due to fighting with the city owner. The mall was built with city owner support back when the mall owner was in city owner guild (I’m doing some real word gymnastics here to avoid names). Then they fought and the mall owner quit the guild, moved to another planet and ultimately quit the game.
  3. City owner had a guild owner build a mini mall next to my mall lobby, a legal but kind of rude move. He contacted me asking me to get all of my mall citizens to his city controlled mall. He originally offered to buy me out, then offered to let me control 4 single plots in his mall for footfall provided I close down my mall, but then walked back that offer because he wasn’t comfortable having me control even 4 plots in the city infrastructure, haha. Quite a few people PM’ed me asking “wtf is up with this leech mall next to yours lol”. He also built a portal hub that semi walled me off right next to my hub despite my original open format. Many mall shop owners complained that I was funding portals with footfall that led traffic to city owner shops not to my mall, and they asked that I change the layout. That seemed reasonable so I did. I left gaps and doorways all over though to avoid walling off the city. I thought it was kind of cool, walk through a dense forest to exit my forest mall and enter the city. Literally more than 50 doorways. Several were large doorways so if anything it was more open than a wall with doorways. But you are right, it did create a line and may have upset city owner. Obviously I wouldn’t expect them to line all those up, but all I asked for was a few doorways to line up since I couldn’t realistically redo things on my side. Oh, and the guy who was in legends guild and built the minimall in ____ville right next to my lobby for the city owner? He and his wife got in a fight with city owner, both quit the guild and moved to another planet. That is two mall owners (three, since one is a married couple) that city owner drove to another planet. He has been on break for a bit, I hope he doesn’t quit. And that mall? City owner blew up the infrastructure and abandoned the existing shops there.

I’m determined to not let myself be the third (fourth) mall owner to fight with ____ and leave the city. I love my mall citizens and I will never leave them! It is a bit bittersweet living in ____ville though.

:heart: you too @majorvex


Thank you for answering my Qs.

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Yeah. If there was a way to move the entire DK mall with all its existing shops to the opposite side of the planet, I would do it in a second. But I’d never ask 250ish people to all move their builds due to a dispute between leaders. So I will suck it up and soldier on :blush:


If you decide to move i can help rebuild, Stone by Stone.
And yes, i dont have much else to do :slight_smile:


I really do see a very simple solution to this, it’s a shame it’s at max height so I can’t take a screenshot from above, but what if the following happens:

@ILegend, would you be willing to give @DKPuncherello, the following two pieces of road:

Basically the parts that are surrounding DK’s exo shuttle, perhaps even a few plots more, but still. This will make sure DK can come up with something for those pieces of road and he doesn’t feel walled in, at least I can imagine he doesn’t.
Yes, it’s still there but a teensy bit further but since you two seem to operate seperately anyway that is not an issue I presume.

It really is this simple…