Informational post about recent legendville changes

I have spoken with the dev’s. The lock system is indeed considered against TOS. I made a mistake in my planning I’m sorry. that being said, of course, it will never be implemented. I wanna thank those of you that have given friendly & honest opinions here! I think we should keep this feed open so the results of the lock system voting can be seen even with it being considered against TOS. Some times new things are scary & this was risky I knew that but this was a non-public system that was not finished & forced into the public when this could have all been handled privately between the devs & the parties involved. I have spent a lot of time in boundless helping people & building projects that I think help the game as a whole. I did not mean to upset anyone I was simply trying to make something new. I have been managed legendville on a daily basis for over 1.5 years and this was a pretty rough reception to an idea that was never implemented. Currently, I’m not sure what exactly will happen with the future of legendville but I did want to make sure it’s clear that the new LOCKING system was considered against TOS & it will never be used in any of my projects. I’m sorry for any trouble I may have caused you.


I am a solo player and own all the whole original Legendville road system. Just to start I wanna be clear the Legendville changes were in no way directed at any individual player or build! I hate drama and avoid it at all costs. This is the reason I play all game’s solo.

I Felt It Needed To Explain The New System So Ppl Can make their own opinions without any skewed he said she said. While having a place to vote Instead of possibly inciting drama & confusion in the comments.

I Won’t Be Posting Anything About Drama But If you’re interested I will privately send you the FULL uncut discord convo between us & you can form your own opinions with the FULL information about the situation. I never advise anyone to take a side before talking to both parties. Commenting on a situation that you may not fully understand or have information about can cause more confusion & more drama. Which I would assume is the opposite of why most people would post an opinion in the first place to try to improve the situation.

Any questions please private message me this is not meant to be a debate post. I’m simply presenting information & requesting if you care to vote to let me know how you feel about the new system design.

Legendville New System Design:

The New Design was actually my plan from back when I founded Legendville over about 1.5 years ago. The raw glass was too rough though so I had to wait for real glass.

The Whole City Has The Same Exact Individual Plot Design 3 High Full Glass Block Walls/2x3 Doors Ever Plot Face Touching Public Land.

Outskirts Wall Of City
Design - 3 high full new glass block wall, 2x3 doorways on ever plot face to public land
Idea - The new wall system is designed to keep everyone safe. I have received way too many complaints about falling & dying from holes or public land plots that have dropped. The secondary goal was to have a system I didn’t have to adjust forever single new resident of the city. It’s fairly large & the amount of time to meet up and adjust a walls for ever person that moves in & out of the city really adds up fast and isn’t a good system.

Interior Wall System
Design - Same As Outskirts Wall System 3 high full glass walls with 2x3 doors ever plot face touching public area.
Idea - The games mall/market is currently very over-saturated. My goal with the interior design was a system that would keep stock shops in the city and discourage building footfall traps/empty claimed plots/troll plots & all the other creative ways ppl find to use public designed land for other purposes.

Rule one: Must have a stocked shop.
Rule two: 3x3 plots max
Incase rules are broken locks will be added to doors after one full month of 0 stock in their shop. This is an easy way to tell my shoppers this shop is not going to have what you need. without putting up rude signs that say closed or something about rule violations. which would also require much more work then the new door system I have created. (There are currently 0 locks anywhere in the city! This an idea not an implemented feature.)

This City Is NOT open yet & was is not finished! I was attempting to postpone the “public launch” so that the legendville 2.0 reopening public launch wouldn’t overlap with another awesome player market/mall launch. The Plan Was To Let Everyone See The New System & Get FRIENDLY responses & honest opinions about the new system during the one to two week waiting period before the public opening. To see if lattice chiseling poles would be needed to open the build-up or figure out an alternate solution to the locking system which I all ready have pre-planned. Below will be a poll where you can vote privately about whether or not you like or dislike the new system. I appreciate your votes & will deeply consider the results of the polls! Polls will be closed two weeks from the posting date.

In conclusion this was simply an attempt to design something new in a overly saturated market & try to avoid current mall/market issues through a mostly automated system with high per plot quality & inside a non expanding city space. If you know or trust me I can promise you this was in no way intended to start drama & I apologize for any you my have incurred as a result of these changes.

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If you do this then you can be reported for walling someone in and have your plots removed. Locking someones plots away is never ok - you do not have any control over someone elses plots.


Sent private response

And here is my public answer

Someone needs to tell the devs to tell Ilegend that its not ok then


The devs have been contacted and informed of the full situation and all plans i have regarding locks. None of these plans have been or are currently implemented…None of this information is private its is simply sent privately to avoid drama and confusion.

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I think the public have a right to know about all of this, I don’t like the secrecy of PM’s just to save face.

In the end its up to the devs to decide what they think is right - that is all I have to say


i agree thats why i have made my self available to all. As for pm’s i feel each human has the right to choose how that talk to other humans. i would only ask you try to respect that.

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I’m sorry to say it, but from the way I look at it (which is outside the box), this does look like a bad design, through and through.

The base concept of imposing so many rules is just going to push people away, plain and simple. Even more so if you add new rules along the way. This idea of ‘walling’ people in, of wanting to control things like that… that doesn’t sound like an adequate way to deal with this.

I mean, I understand wanting to have a ‘clean’ and under-control community build. I would impose rules if I invited people to build with me, because I have a specific vision for my place too. But seriously, the whole “I will lock the doors to your place”, that’s insane on so many levels. Do that and you’ll only be digging your build’s grave.

When I look at the pictures of the corridors with the yellow glass panes, my first thought is “oh boy, I don’t want to go visit that place, and I certainly would NEVER want to go build there”. It looks insanely oppressive, like a glass prison.

I don’t know what @DKPuncherello and you have been talking about on Discord or whatever, and truth be told, I don’t want to know the details, neither do I want to get a private message.
I fully agree with @Vansten : there’s A LOT of shady business going on with some bad actors sending PMs to say things they know would damage their ‘reputations’, like politicians. They want to save face, and they then hide themselves behind the whole “no name-shaming” or “no-drama” notions.
Not pretending that’s what you’re doing, but still, it’s not helping you to start sending PMs all around.

Anyway, I do hope you can figure a way to make everybody happy. Try to find compromises, figure out plans that pleases everybody. Good luck!


I think @ILegend was trying to avoid forum drama but unfortunately pretty much unavoidable these days I guess.

While I personally don’t like the new rules/changes to legendville, I also think things are getting a blown out of proportion and maybe people need to take a breath and get some perspective.
Trying new ways of doing things is the boundless way, some are good but some will fail and fall by the wayside, to be replaced by something better down the line.


As i have written in the private answer to @ILegend after his inquiry why i dont like the new System, i will post my answer more or less here aswell.
It should be Nothing of my concern as i dont even know where the mall is. I dont have a shop, i dont know anyone having a shop there.
My main Problem is a Player, any Player for that, having this Kind of power in a non pvp enviroment. Beeing able to dictate how People should behave/build/Play a game should not be allowed in a game i Play to have fun.
Again, this has Nothing to do with Legend, it just brought up the glaring issue i have with the current System and the possibilities.
I actually should not have written anything and moved along, but i diddnt this time.


wholesome idea isnt bad, the organized mall with same sized shops are ok, but

1st - players building their shops in malls to show their wares and make the shop/stalls unique in their own way to attract buyers, bet noone want to be hidden behind glass walls with premade doors,

2nd - remove walls and doors, made chiselled columns between shop areas with plot numbers, locations etyc even latice chiselled 1blocks high walls between areas,

how it is made now - its way to claustrofobic to even roam around

3. locks - its a bad idea, regardless of rules you cant lock someone the way to theit own plots and items behind wall


Everything apart from the locks seems reasonable… locking someone’s own plots away I think is against CoC regardless of rules you state on the forum.

However, where it affects well established and heavily used builds I think consideration and compromise should be used in abundance, otherwise the changes become negative to the community not just to that individual

Just my 2c’s worth :slight_smile:


I don’t know about others, but what I think is:
1- it wouldnt have been too hard for you to out the doors of the exterior walls in line with the openings on the other side so that people with existing builds that were already there could easily travel between places.
2- personally I would never make a shop in a mall where the owner of the connecting plots was putting walls between the shops and threatening to lock the doors if his rules were not followed.

But eh, you do you.


Honestly (sorry if i fuel something)…
These are your plots so you can do what you like.

Granted glass didn’t look good. But normally as city you can upgrade what you have.
So if the design was to be a glass hallway it should have been from the start.
Even if it would be ugly.
Or at least something that provides those dimensions/designs. So that people can build and design their shop accordingly.

But thats how i think about it. Don’t get me wrong don’t mind the design.

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while you are free to redesign your area as you see fit, and I even think that mall owner / city infrastructure owner and similar should have more privileges and control than in a regular neighbour - neighbour relationship
(would require additional beacon settings of course) changing the design basically from open exterior to closed interior is a huge thing. many shops were designed as if they were ‘outside’ both visuals and access. now it doesn’t fit together. I just don’t see people happily changing their old shops to fit the new hallways.


I hate to say it… but I kind of have to support the owner of the roads. They’re his plots, he’s always been the owner, he can do whatever he pleases with them and he can set whatever “rules” he likes… everything to me seems to be above board.

Although I also agree it is a bit of ****** move to make, he had to be fully aware it wasn’t going to win him any popularity contests and went ahead and did it anyway.

But hey… people can always just vote how they feel about the place with their footfall if they dont like it. Shop elsewhere, sell elsewhere if it bothers you, it’s not as if there isn’t already an abundance of malls in the game.


I agree hes allowed to do what he wants, but he plans to lock the doors to stop people from accessing their plots easily, which is just straightup not allowed, which he dosent believe me when I say so.


I agree with a lot of the points being made. For a new build, this design would be totally awesome. But for a pre-existing one to change means it will effect many people negatively.

Again, these are only opinions, but it seems like more of a ‘Like it or leave’ set up rather than a community based thing (which is perfectly fine, you wanted opinions on this) and if you’re looking for popularity (Not saying that you are) then i don’t think this is the way to go.

Not only have to caused an issue for a very well known and community minded player, but it seems your existing shop owners and land owners are now also at risk.
Again, these are just my opinions and at the end of the day it’s up to you what you do (And the devs in some cases) it is your build after all but it seems this build was meant for the public to use, not a private place.

I’m not big on drama, I hope you find amicable ways of sorting out any issues and good luck with the build.


Last time someone walled plots in a market/town it seemed like the devs were going to remove them. But the person who was walled ended up breaking CoC a little worse and ended up being the one in trouble. Walls blocking people in is never a good decision in my opinion. But do what you want and see what happens afterwards is the only advice I can give. You might gain more people, you might lose some. Will be a risk you have to take if that’s what you’re set on

Is it not allowed? It probably isn’t allowed as it wasn’t stated to shop owners right from the start.

But players could always plot all the way to ground level and build themselves grand staircases up to their shops…

Yes I’m aware of how ridiculous this suggestion is, but boy do I love grand staircases that dominate 3/4 of the interior of anything I build :joy: