I have been walled off at DK Mall Tana

Just a reminder. I would love to answer any questions you have! I wont discuss drama on the public forums but if you wish to hear both sides of any of the details about any of the ideas brought up here please just ask! These changes were in no way directed at any individual! & Prior warning about the changes was given one month before implementation.

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I don’t want to get into a back and forth but I was given zero warning about the move to delta and zero warning about walls and doors. I was told in early January that the floors were being redone in new glass. I figured I might not like the color choice but obviously that’s not a big deal. I wasn’t expecting walls, especially since when I first bought the mall the first thing I did was take down the wall the prior mall owner had built, and was told how nice that was of me.


We appreciate all the work that you and the others do for us. Thank you.


Weird he did it to the whole city.

EDIT: Spent a little while wandering around Legendville. It’s strange and feels like you’re in a prison. I didn’t find any locked doors but even areas that meet the posted rules are walled and doored in , as someone else said it’s very claustrophobic.

The main hub is totally dead and only offers small portals.

IMO this is not a pleasant environment I wonder if it will just fade away.


i personally like the idea of an enclosed mall. and prison style like hmmm i think everyone has its own creative ways of making something work, as for the rule breaking and locking doors im totally against that since the players cannot build above sky limit and only 1 plot is permitted in height i dont see a rule breaking issue compared to other malls, unless you want people to build how you want it to be build then this is the wrong game to play,here you cannot play GOD and make up rules and tell people how to do it how you want it. unless you make a pre made mall with pre made shops! as for the walls why does this have to be taken to a dev when such childish behaviour can be solved with a good communication between both parties and both are good friends of mine and i dont take sides, but is this not going a bit to far? how about u sit down with /sit and communicate about how this is going to be solved instead of pointing to each others direction “but he!” come on guys! SOLVE IT!

Yeah after exploring legendville I don’t really see this as an attempt to wall out the mall so much as a neighbor who decided to do some landscaping that you don’t like. It’s definitely a big change to all of legendville.

It’s encouraging to hear that some people like the style I’m curious how it will play out. If people build shops and give deals the scanner will bring traffic, even if it discourages walking around and window shopping.

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If the mall is more organized with signs showing directions so it does not feel like a maze then yeah why not

@DKPuncherello It would seem I am deep enough in the mall to be unaffected. If the ruling is not favorable and you decided to move the mall I am more than willing to take my store location with you.


Gotta say I’m not a fan of the new layout of legendville. Had a hard time getting to where I wanted to so I had to go underneath and grapple to where I wanted. Needless to say I’m not happy I had to waste durability on my grapples


I don’t envy the Devs when they arrive in the studio tomorrow x_x


I really think we need to give this one some time and see how these builds evolve and co-exist. DK’s is self sufficient, Legendville is reconstructing, and both are lead by quality guys with building skills.

Patience is a virtue.

Don’t worry no matter how unhappy I am I will never move the mall. I would never do that to people :slight_smile:


I went to check it out, and I agree 100%.


I checked it last night and I am still puzzled trying to figure out why he did this.


Busy day for the devs tomorrow indeed

Maybe one day there will be a weekend with no drama, just fun and games and happiness :slight_smile:


@PrincessMaude we can only hope.


@DKPuncherello if you Need someone to bring down walls or do other shady stuff let me know.
Doing what has be done, even giving a warning and do what rulers do, has Nothing to do in the game i Play. I dont agree with what has been done and i am planets away.


Thanks - I appreciate the support and sentiment but please don’t do any trolling on my behalf. Just enjoy boundless and help a noob if you find one and that’s all the help I need :blush:


Hope you get this sorted DK! :frowning:

I think the logic behind the new layout in Legendville is sound (to stop people falling off) but it’s a shame it couldn’t be more considerate where it connects to your existing build!


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