Ingame calender + time specific events

The solar eclipse got me thinking how cool it would be to do something like that from time to time in games, but to do that we needed to keep track of time so that is where i start

i think we should have an ingame clock and calender for RP reasons, we know that the day and night cycles exist so it should be possible to keep track of them, i think we should have an ingame calender and clock that counts a 24 hour span, i think its roughly 20 or 30 mins, so 30 mins would be 1 day, and then we would have 12 months or 365 days like in the real world. and when that is over we go up a year.

the biggest problem with this is if different worlds have different day and night cycles either shorter or longer. for that it could be several time calender systems to and limit the amout of changes in cycles (so like make 3, one for a 20 min cycle, one for 30 min cycle, and one for 1 hour cycle) and make them different calender systems, or just choose one universal world that the game will follow. so for example selta is the universal calender system like we use the romans.

and then to the events, it would be cool if certain ingame events happened ingame at a specific interval so say every 2 ingame years which might be 2 months in the real world (to take an example) such as a solar eclipse or maybe a thing like the nothern light

what do you think about it?


Definitly nice to have cycles with weather changes and rarer eclipses northern lights

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Better than having a set interval what about making this types of events semi-random and make it possible to predict through Oorthian lore.

So when you explore a temple in the world you find a document that tells about coming Eclipses that the Oort predicted.

then they need to renew the documents everytime which seems like a pain.

I would like to have a calender ingame also for “natural” events like the full moon or sun-events, but it would be easier if the caender shows the dates as “real time”/normal time and not only in the specific format used on the world the event is happening. May be it shows both times, for example “11/04/2015 - 18:00pm / 150th day of 115 - 20 minutes”.


Sorry what i don’t think i quite understood that?

If they made the events random but needed to hide documents with time the time they would occur they needed to change the document every time they get a new random time, no?

Oh now i get it. Sorry I formulated the thing before wrong.

What i meant was that when the world is generated it will make a random set of events at different time which will then be constant. The players would then be able to find observations the Oort left behind which can be used to predict when these events will occur.

This would probably be too much work to make anyway.

i dont mind random events, but having to make them show the events looks weird.

What if it was a specific In-Game item that they would have to go and check. But only certain events like the solar eclipse etc. Perhaps make it something you can post on the wall like an actual calendar!

There could be something done, where we as a community create the calendar. But instead we have four or six months…