Inorganic crops and light

Why can wild inorganic crops grow with no light at all, but farmed ones require lots of bright light to grow efficiently?

I know the answer ‘because that how it works in game’ applies, but I do like to cling on to some sort of logic, and this doesn’t seem to have any.

Plus, the inorganic crops look so much better in the dark, it seems like a waste to surround them in bright light to make them grow!


Your question makes the assumption that wild inorganic crops have growth stages. Wild inorganic, or organic, crops only have one stage. There are no growth stages. And thus, the need for light is invalid.

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Your response is kinda the same as:

I was thinking about why a seed that drops from a plant that grows in the dark (and as you pointed out in 1 stage) will then only grown in bright light in many stages!

Granted I may be overthinking, but it seems inconsistent.

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why do wild pandas mate, but the ones we plant in zoos don’t? hmmmmm? good question though, sorry just had to :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Apparently they don’t all that much!

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