Inspiration of Architecture

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#The Interlace
Ole Sheeren (OMA), Singapore (2015)

Photos by Iwan Baan


Oh man, imagine getting lost in that tangled mess of a complex!

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I’ve another trippy housing complex that uses 90° angles:


This is what happens when architectural Engineers take drugs…


Or when engineers try to be architects


But they are perfectly balanced :wink:

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#The Kubuswoningen (Cube Houses)
Piet Blom, Rotterdam, the Netherlands (1984)

2/4 photos by Dirk Verwoerd


I would so live there

Ha, I already tried to build something like this in Boundless.
But I realized that voxel games (even if they have amazing sloping features :wink:) don’t allow the equilateral triangular base that those builds require.

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The first was one of the places where I was offered to live soon.
Haha, but refused, cause i found better ones.

Funny that you pointed that out. In Singapore you can by the way find a lot of nice architecture

i.e. the marina bay sands hotel:

some other impressions there, Sky habitat

Gardens by the bay:

digital cloud skyscraper

There is so much more. Just google Singapore architecture… quite stunning. It’s like a city of 2100


Brook Commons (UBC campus)

Acton Ostry Architects, Architekten Hermann Kaufmann of Austria, and Vancouver’s Fast + Epp Structural Engineers

Photos by Acton Oustry Architects and The University of British Columbia.

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few crazy mountain structures:


Too bad that the current beacon system doesn’t allow horizontal communal builds like that :disappointed_relieved:

Maybe with guild beacons when you can donate plots and whatnot and have some more people associated with the beacon.

It does, provided you set the others as villagers.

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Guilds will be able to do this.


@Havok40k | @Clexarews | @james

I did not mean a collaborative build as I’m well aware that & how it would be possible.
With communal I meant people building next to each other, forming independent builds in an vertical area.
(I don’t think that the house owners in the first picture all share access-rights to each others houses :wink:)

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I thought the current beacon system saved vertical space when a beacon is placed? I don’t see any issues with horizontal builds right now.

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My mistake, corrected it (though, it should have been obvious what I meant)

Good workaround for now is to use two beacon controls, with you owning both. Then you add a villager to the top one. It’s not COMPLETE INDEPENDENCE but it’s about as close as we can get right now.