Hi everyone. Soooooo, I’ve started my first big building project and cleared a huge underground area to build my new workshop and combustibles farm and was looking for some inspiration. I’d love to see your underground builds, preferably with an industrial feel but all ideas welcome.


As a reminder, don’t put that farm under your workshop, they are meshes just like storage, machines, signs, etc. are!

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It’s all going to be on same level… I think, but thank you for the tip. :+1:

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I think @Heureka has cool underground base.
Its at circapous


It isn’t finished by a long shot but ill sent you what i have.

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Machine Room 1

Machine Room 2


Kindling Farm

Combustion Farm


Very cool :sunglasses:

This is how the machine room looks like with lights on

I may change it tho since I wont need to reach coils to repair them


Ooooo I forgot about that. Means I can be a bit more creative as to where I put my coils.


Head to the hive and in the top SW corner portal named orrian. Go to my basement

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I’ll check it out later, thanks dude. :+1:

Good to know

So here it is

Central work room/storage

Top view

Main lvl balcony

Lower lvl (spark generator)

Machine sub lvl

Balcony to main machines room+storage

Again not finished and still a lot more to do


Wow that is awesome. How do I get to your base? I’d really like to come check it out in person?

Ps,ult, hubbit lambis hubs Anterra Central. Dk’s tree, fantasy hub Anterra Central.
Ps lamblis City portal Anterra And TNT Antar use on antar the Anterra Central portal or head North.
Antar hubs ps, ult, hubbit, tigss Anterra mall.
Meteor meat circa also Anterra mall.

Still working on a lot but almost everything with Guild tag TTC is mine. East of my new plateau is my old one and that to is still a work in progress.

I’ll come take a look, the floor is amazing in the first picture.

Do we know yet what happens to a fully worn out coil? Does it still repair along with the rest of the machine?

each coil still has it’s own health as I understand it, and any repair dealt to the machine unit gets divided to whoever needs it… so they should be fine.

@bigad9 here’s a few shots, mine is small compared to others lol


Love it :heart:

I build underground. This is about 5 days worth of work. Still got all the detail to do and store to setup.