Instable Connections

ATM the connection is horrible.
The last 10 mins. i got every 3s a pop-up with “connection is instable”.
And no, my internet works fine, its just the game.

It is similar to the D2 dupe hack, lagging the server…
Maybe a Dev will look after this…


Any specific planet showing bad connectyion or the entire game ?
At least I can say from my side I have no problems playing the game.

Hi @DerVerfall,

Keep in mind that the boundless universe is spread across the world, if you are for example in EU and walk on a planet from US it might be that you get connection issues because the planet is hosted on a US datacenter.

I haven’t played in the last 24 hours but I definitely see this warning sporadically when playing at the weekend.

Glad to know it’s not just me or a problem with my connection.

They havent rly have a maintenance For a while… I guess that effect on it too