I don’t use insta myself much other than to look at art and creative stuff, but maybe we should be gramming cool builds and tagging them boundless #voxel #minecraft

Might help some people discover boundless.

15.7 million tags


Tempted to do this… never used Instagram, but probably wouldn’t be much effort to move over some screenshots here and there. Could throw some NMS shots up too and tag them to maybe get those fans to look at my other stuff - actually a better base to target than MC, IMO (smaller of course, but fans I think might be a better match on the whole).

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Just a little self promotion…

Boundless has an official Instagram.

It’s not as active as Twitter/ Facebook but would love to be able to grow it :smiley:

Feel free to tag us in any photos you post there!


Just signed up and followed the account and a few of you all here! :smiley:

… Unfortunately though, doesn’t look to be an easy way to post from PC, and my phone is a dinosaur. :frowning: Appears to be an app for it, I’ll play with it here at some point.


There isn’t, makes me sad :frowning:

Thanks to everyone that’s followed already!


I guess I could make an Insta account… :smiley: I already revived my Twitter from 2013 and turned it into a boundless account haha

Trickyy90 is already taken?!
And yet when you search it only I come up. Strange.


There’s not, that’s why I don’t use it much.
When I do, it’s > right click > inspect > toggle device > and pick a phone like Galaxy > then click the + sign to add a pic…etc etc…P.I.T.A. lolol


Yeah it’s a massive PITA
The best way I’ve figured out so far is to use Dropbox or onedrive - shove stuff in a folder on PC then upload on phone.

Also people could save screenshots from the “screenshots thread” on their phones then upload them. If I upload screenshots in any threads people have my permission to stick them on insta btw


Another trick is to send them via whatsapp desktop and then download them on your phone. That way you don’t lose quality and it’s pretty easy to download there :smiley:


PS4 users can use the PS Messenger app to access their pictures from messages.


Yeah, that’s what I do. I send screenshots I take on the PS4 to a PS friend and then I can download the pictures on my phone using the PS messages app. Quite handy. I can then post the pictures anywhere from my phone.

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I forgot about WhatsApp I haven’t used that in a year :+1:
I sometimes use a USB port on my PC to charge my phone. I suppose I could upload some pix to Instagram that way too.


OneDrive is probably easiest imo. Also you can plug your phone in to your PC like major mentioned; usually this will make your phone appear as a USB drive on the computer that you can stuff things into.

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