Intelligence / Healing epic / Heath regeneration epic


I was trying out using invigorating pie instead of shielding pie to tank. That lead my into think, if spent skill points into intelligence, healing epic and the health regeneration epic I could increase the passive HP regeneration and the amount of HP I get from the rage epic one skill. I quickly realised that isn’t how those skills work or at least two of them so i did some testing. The only way to increase your passive health regen is with the Health Regeneration Epic which gives you 25 hp every 5 second and with a well fed buff that goes up to 45 hp every 5 second. Intelligence and the Healing epic has no effect on your passive health regeneration nor on the Rage Epic One.

Ok, so what does those two skill do?
Well, they increase the amount of Hp you get when you gulp down an Instant Healing Brew. Those two skill do not affect the healing brew just the instant ones. The health regeneration epic however does add 25 hp to the healing brew but has no effect on the instant ones. Tanking using invigorating pies without any of those skills, is still very good but if you want to heal more HP using lesser grade brews then spending points into intelligence and or even switching out Protection epic for healing epic is great as well. I actually like the fact that i cant passively heal health and i need to actively watch my Hp and use brews accordingly. I could have an active healing brew and use instant healing brew when i need to since instant brews don’t override active ones.

Here is the spreadsheet with all the values i got from testing ;


Nice work friend, ive been using max health with invigorating pies and rage + rage 1 since i was able to. if i use armor multiplier epic then i can take basically anything. I started using mega brews and points in intellect since i found out they were so powerful. 4 points in intellect gives 18k health back at once with a single instant mega…Out of a possible 25k hp. This is bonkers to me and just makes for a crazy powerful tank

Right now im specced into bombholing for hunts and using bombs in general as im clinging onto the last light here for bombs lol. Im basically an actual tank as i shoot explosives and can take crazy hard hits still lmao


Thank you for doing this experiment oh great Lord Proteus! I was unaware that Intelligence and healing epic had a modifier effect on brews.

Question: Which is better; invigorating or shielding food and why?

I prefer invigorating food and I tell my customers the same if they don’t know which to choose. If only because i can “see” my hitpoint threshold. Whereas if I use shielding food, I cannot see my shield or resistance so I don’t know if shielding food is really working


Both are pretty good options. Invigorating can work for any other classes say dps or bomb specialist. It really comes down to how consistent you can make or get proper healing brews.

Im working on spreadsheet on rage. Its still pretty rough. I still need to test how much hits you would need to gain rage from each type of mob (not looking forward to testing cuttles and spitters) but here is what i got so far ;


Oh man i didnt realize zeal had an effect on duration of rage. That is huge! I have 4 points in zeal so i can make pit traps on hunts using bombs and have ability to throw enough bombs for a hole every time. I thought rage was lasting a bit longer but never made the connection


I dont feel like i completely answered your question so here is a couple differences i noticed. First off with shielding foods you can build less rage to be immune to elite widlstock whereas with invigorating you need more rage in other words you need to absorb more damage. In the case of elite wildstocks they do around 8k damage. Lets say im using shielding pie and i took 4k fall damage (~ 8000 health remaining) before arriving to a meteor which spawned a wave of elite wildstocks. At this point, it becomes very risky to try and build rage on elite wildstocks. why? I first need to hope the first charge attack doesnt kill me and if doesnt i need drink an instant healing before the second charge. Rinse and repeat until i have enough rage.

Now if i was using invigorating pie i would have 24k and lost only 4k to fall damage leaving me with 20k health to build rage. I can take two hits before needing to heal. In this scenario, it does seem like invigoration is better than shielding however you gotta ask yourself whats the goal of tanking. Is it to absorb all the damage or is it having the attention of the mobs on you regardless of damage taken or not? I believe its the latter so with shielding i would grab the attention of the willstock grapple somewhere high and kill till the next wave and then build rage.

I tend to grapple the ground and be a bobblehead that shoots golden fists at wildstocks. I wouldnt be able to do that with invigorating because the damage taken will stack up quickly especially since you can take damage from strong wildstock for instance because you have less armor and resistance. You always need to be on the move. That can be a downside or a plus. Like i said in the previous post they are both pretty good and you just need to adapt your playstyle.


Interesting. How much rage brew do you need to complete your test? I’d be willing to donate some from my shop.


I appreciate the offer but im doing everything in test server. Thank you nevertheless! :blush: