Into the shadows

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The old oortian capital world was a thriving city, having been used as a hub for all oortians, and having made contact with an alien race a blinkyear prior.
All of a sudden, oortian scientists were to find out that a meteorite would smash the planet-city.
All their efforts with everything were to go to waste
and there was no way of stopping it.
They had to take a step into the dark.
On the last day of the capital-city, two oortian citizens were to preserve the race. There were no other planets nearby to expand to, they had to take a step into the dark.

There was a star system that the aliens called Trappist-1 , but oortians had no name for. It was very close to the capital-city, but none of the planets could be seen.

Finally, one of the oortians held their light-cube and totem, then placed a warp conduit down, and fired the totem at the orange-colored star. They then went into the warp conduit, unknowing of where they’d set foot on.
They landed into a volatile universe, off their original destination, destined to restart the oortian race.


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