Introducing CODEX

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Biggest areas, like if anyone could make a good solid area of black meta rock farm etc. I’m for sure using it

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Honestly if I could automate something like that I would be absolutely down for it. From a explorer perspective it would be ideal - like getting referral payouts irl

I think a token system with select farms for things like black rock like @Fallon suggested would be great. That way you only need a hub on each planet connected to the TNT or PS local hub and a few more portals for the popular colors.

Or just one big connection for each network or similar while peppering in portals for the popular/big plotted color farm spots

I’ll probably consider this for less used resources like foliage but for the most part it’s meant to be used without needing coin and reduce time needed to find them (and travel time) so I’ll probably end up “peppering” (pun intended) the planets with plots. Just not near major settlements so there is no issue with players expansion. There are TONS of empty spots on ALL the worlds.

Yeah, I mean just use some good discretion. It might not be near a big settlement but I think of the pain of people expanding or wanting to start a new home somewhere and the owner may or may not be playing the game enough to reclaim a beacon if it’s just chillin. If you catch my drift

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Yeah I know what you mean. I’m going to do my best to be desecrate about where they are and every single one will be owned by me or another long time player all with a mailbox. If they ever stop playing they’ll let me know and hand the beacons over too me.


I wanted to do this. I’m trying to build little farms for sand, rock, trunk and sand.
I was going to set up a big museum at Maryx with tokens for each thing since I don’t want to deal with portal costs