Introducing CODEX

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Introducing CODEX!

Codex is a guild dedicated to helping players find ALL the colors of the known universe.

We are looking for players to help find great farming areas for the following resources.

Rock (all types)

We are trying to map locations of EVERY SINGLE color, finding the best farming spots and making them easily accessible too players.

Farms will be built for each color focusing on low tier worlds first. Any overlapping colors will be designated to the lowest tier world they may be found on.

Our hope is to make color acquisition EASY so that you have the best place to farm the right resource for your next build, shop, or any other adventure!

I am currently willing to pay 250c per farming spot on all t1-3 worlds; payment will be made after I have seen the spot and decided it is suitable for a farm.

If you have any suggestions/ideas/wishes for this new venture we are all ears!! We would love any sort of community feedback :smiley:


If this would involve peppering random planets with plots, I would instead suggest investing in display and signage combos in a condensed format. Just thinking out loud, I may not have understood the post fully :>

Not plotting and sharing the location would lead to others doing it anyway :man_shrugging:

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Would the player submitting own the location or would you? An incentive would be to do footfall percentage payouts.

Why is peppering planets with plots a problem? Isn’t this how farms work currently?

Yeah but if you think about it, the color will be found somewhere on the planet regardless. Unless you have a great color farming spot or a plan for a full build etc., I would stick to maybe just planet references

Player would submit spot for a farm and if it’s a good spot I’ll pay them coin for finding it.

I don’t have a ton of capital so that why the price is low :slightly_frowning_face: if I could pay 1000c per I would.

I’m not sure! It depends on the scope of the project!

The plan is to find the great spots and plot them then put a portal to them. 1 mini hub per world detailing colors accessible that connects to the major hubs tnt ps Ultima etc. so that people can easily find and farm colors for their build.

I love this idea but the cost to fuel all the portals would be pretty high.

That’s why I recommend foot fall payouts percentages.

Make factions for the spots, ask the submitter to join and pay weekly with foot fall.

It certainly will be :sweat_smile: I’ll have to build up a pretty big supply of Oort, and hope for community donations. There will be a shop to go along with it that lists the locations of all farms and will hopefully give enough coin back to pay for any oort I need. This isn’t really meant for profit it’s just a fun idea a friend and I had that we want to make a reality

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I understand this but tbh with the huge cost all the portals will incur i plan on all proceeds to go to fuel lol. I don’t really hunt that often so any income has to go to purchasing oort

I currently hunt like 2-3 times a month and that pays for the portals I own (2 on Alcyon and TNT glavi, Guardian Glavi)

I actually like this idea!

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I think if you operate a token/coordinate system instead, you might have better sustainability and just as much functionality. For sure if you were able to reach somewhere on PS we would want to hook up with this. I think reserving plotting for the biggest color farms would be better on the universe

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This is also a LOT more work in the long run, id need spreadsheets to keep track and take the time to pay out everyone. Not really interested in that kind of bookkeeping

Reserving plotting for the biggest color farms? Like largest areas? Or someone bigger doing the same thing?

Just a thought. Love it or hate it it’s all good :slightly_smiling_face:

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