Introducing Gleambow Racing, starting this week!


The only difference I have really seen between the low tier vs high tier planets is that you might get an Improved Speed Brew compared to a Minor Speed Brew. It’s not much of a reward.


The Gleambow Meteorites should match the Rough Oort drops with the normal Meteorites.

(I thought you got more Oort on the higher worlds?)


I pulled about 50 Oort stone was in an hour or so last night on Norkyna.


its also next week wright? our was this last week lol
been doing a load off extra jobs this week next week i have more time :grin:


I only completed a couple of level 3 gleambows.

Oort drops were disappointing. It was what I would have expected if I had hung around the meteor and not killed any mobs.

On a t6 hunt killing some mobs can be the difference between 10 - 12 oort for hanging around to maybe 25 if you kill a good number of the mobs.

As you imply assuming this would lean on the regular loot engine, perhaps this (killing mobs) is a missing factor? As far as I know breaking blocks during a meteor fight doesn’t impact your loot.


Wait…is this still going? I thought it ended Sunday?


less than 60 seconds ago for that timer


Huh. How about that?


this event is dismal. if you cant keep people from stealing gleam from others then dont have this event at all. What a ■■■■■■■ joke!!! its completely unbalanced if you’re not level 50 and dropping ■■■■ so other peoples inventory gets full. just end this stupid event already


I’m afraid thats just not true.

I started using a level 24 alt for this, it’s up to about 30 now, but I have only used it for gb hunting.

Granted I wiped the skill page and tailored it specifically for the event, but your statement above is not fair at all.

Try going solo on higher level planets if you can’t grab anything in a group. Its better to go higher level because there are less people about and the timers are usually longer.


Stealing gleam from others? Not cool.
I stole all mine from meteors.


It’s those pesky rogues pickpocketing their unsuspecting Oort neighbours.
Certainly harder doing these events at a lower level (not impossible…) but maybe that’s part of the bonus for getting leveling up.
If I was new player though I reckon I’d also be feeling frustration, as I did when gleambow originally needed groups to activate them.


Final Thoughts on the Event

Overall I liked the gleambow event (once the meteorites were changed to allow solo triggers). It got me doing a lot of things I’d never bothered with in game.

  • Had never used anything above a gold grapple. Max forged emerald grapple was quite a change.
  • First time I used fall damage or grapple skills
  • Never even realized fast potions also increase run speed (Yes I know, it says right on the description!)
  • Many, many newly explored regions I’d never been to, a lot of time on planets I had previously ignored

Ended up with a pretty good haul, though I did spent a lot of time at it. This event has given me more appreciation of the colour system, as well as the spiderman/tarzan system (man, you can really get going with the right stuff to grapple off!)

I thought the rewards were pretty good. Obviously the gleam is awesome. Sometimes getting a meteor made of bushes or rock felt more like a “sorry, try again” than a real prize for tracking one down.

Suggested changes:

  • Add some gleam to the box at the end
  • “Fix” meteor graphics- on Ps4 at least, once the meteor lands the indicator fades out until you get really close. Either have the beam of light thing stay there, or add compass indicator
  • Possibly move event to temporary planets next time. People focusing on gleambows can stop getting discouraged by seeing 3 normal meteors in a row, people on normal hunts can have them without distractions
  • Add sending items to mailboxes (well, frankly, let it be done from mailboxes but not require it, allow us to just open a window and send X to X). Getting 1 piece of shadowy mcgleam to Jim and three black ancient trunks to Sally would be so much easier.

Anyhow, guess that’s it. Thanks.


Despite my initial doubts, and once the fix was introduced for soloing, I had a lot of fun with this event.
Leaping around that wonderful planet Circarpous I (now really want to make a big build there…) with a forged gem grapple (also first time with one of these) was great fun (lack of lava but lots of tall peaks and trees to swing from), while there seemed a real purpose to doing it.
Really tickled my collecting bone with all the variations of coloured goodies.
Looking forward to spending a rainy afternoon (or two) organising everything, like some dedicated peeps have already.
So, thanks Devs for this one…my fav event so far and keep up the good work.
Really interested in how you will get creative and entertain us with future events!


the one thing this event really brought to light was how bad the state fall damage is in right now.
I had fun most of the time though when I could get gleambows to spawn


After all the pesky collecting is out the way, now the real fun can start - organising everything!!


I actually really do love this part!


Or photoshopping everything. :wink:


Talk about organizing. . . We are only missing 4 colors of gleam at this time. Shadow Violet, Vivid Moss, Deep Blue and Strong Cerulean.


I have not been able to get to a gleembow myself. Not one has fallen close to me it’s been miles away