Introducing Gleambow Racing, starting this week!


Greetings Citizens

With our next big event kicking off on the 13th March at 1200GMT, it’s time to reveal the details of Gleambow Racing!

As you may have guessed, the event centres around Meteorites. On Level 3 and above worlds, some regular Meteorites will be replaced by special Gleambow Meteorites. These will be easily identifiable via their spectacular multicoloured trails, and will be around for a shorter period than a regular strike. Gleambow Meteorites will need two or more citizens to be present in order to be triggered, and scale up physically according to how many citizens are present, so we’re looking forward to seeing some big group hunts!

Each Gleambow Meteorite will consist of 1 Core Material, and a scatter of Gleam. These will be random resources, in randomised colours, some of which may have never been seen in any of the Known Worlds before! (Note: These are base materials that are found in the wild, not crafted ones)

Upon reaching the Gleambow Meteorite, 50% of these blocks must be destroyed within a time limit. If this is not achieved, all blocks will default to the world’s existing colours. The reward will be Rough Oortstone and Gold Ore - as well as the abundance of materials harvested from the Gleambow Meteorite itself.

As usual, players will share the final reward (Oortstone/Gold) equally, but the blocks will be collected by whoever breaks them - so you’ll want to reach the site as quickly as possible when you see that tell-tale colourful trail.

The tool you’ll need for this is the special Gleambow Totem. This is essentially an upgraded version of the regular Totem in a cool new colour scheme. To craft this, you’ll need to combine a regular Totem with Elemental Fusion at a Workbench.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Boundless event without some cool new wearables to pick up in the exchange, and we think you’re going to like this one - the Gleamicorn Horn will be available for the two weeks of the event only!

See you all in there!

EDIT: Adding details of the patch on 14/03 - Gleambow Meteorites can now be spawned by solo players, and some failures will result in speed brew drops. The balance of timers has also been adjusted to be more forgiving.

Buying New Gleam

Awesome! Time to craft some totems!


That’s two events in a row now (and a number of update features) centred around group play. Can we have an update for those who don’t/can’t group soon, please?


Wouldn’t a big group hunt not be as good since we are competing with people to harvest gleam?


Good point, I should clarify, the GB Meteorites are physically bigger the more players are involved! I’ll update the OP


I am very sad to hear you need two or more people to trigger I am a solo hunter as my internet is slow and cant handle group hunts. Guess I will have to sit this one out☹


Will the GB Meteorites spawn creatures? Or just be a mess of blocks to harvest?


@SamF might have missed this in another thread?


Totems aren’t craftable until it starts, but you can prep the elemental fusion cores ahead of time!


Yall better not get in the way of my colors! :joy:


Already on it :+1:

Last question, are the gb totems instacraft then?


Bring on dem fancy colors!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


2 mins for a single craft / 6m for bulk and 20m for mass (unless it changed with the last bug fix as I’ve not imported those changes yet)

Already on it!


Awesome, thanks.


Yeah, we all expect groups to get better stuff, but don’t cut out soloers entirely. Please consider this for future events.
Edit- It being competitive vs. cooperative doesn’t make it more appealing to me. I do appreciate the work you guys put in and will give it a try, though.


Ok so in group hunts… everyone just waits people completing meteor with totem on their hand to get the blocks. Great stuff .

another hunting related event. Its miss for me.


Will the totems be forge-able? Could become a little unfair if experienced players can optimize theirs with Attack Speed, Damage, AoE etc. on top of the skills.



Looks like we’re gonna have to hoof it to the landing site.
Now lets trot along, I don’t wanna hear anyone being whinny about not making it.

Too much, you ask?
Neigh! I say! :grin:


They are not forgeable.

However Warp and Revive Augments still work in them!


If you wait around you wont get new block colors. If you don’t care about new block colors then yea it may be a waste