Introducing Gleambow Racing, starting this week!



I was hoping to use one as my light/magnet.



If we did that, some bampots would go absolute raj on these things. It’s balanced to try and level out the playing field a bit (like the snowball fights)


I’m very disappointed. Not gonna lie. I was really looking forward to this event but being ‘forced’ to group up is a turn off.

How many times have we expressed dislike to being forced to interact? Some of us are solo players. We like to play that way. It’s our style or maybe we don’t like the awkwardness of text chat. Or maybe we don’t feel comfortable around people in games. There’s many reasons some of us prefer to play solo. We interact at times that we really need to or maybe we’re having a good day and decide to interact by joining hunts or whatever.

St. Patrick’s Day is my country’s national holiday. Therefore I was really looking forward to this. Now, not so much.

Final Thoughts… : Special Events in games should cater to EVERYONE and Every Play Style. They shouldn’t alienate certain people with certain play styles either intentionally or otherwise. This event is doing the complete opposite. It’s pushing the solo players out and in turn, the Special Event is no longer very special. Teaming up in Special Events should be entirely OPTIONAL, not a requirement. Hell, may as well make all meteors in the game require 2 or more players. Why should they be any different? They always spawn. Not just during Special Events! See where I’m going with this? Anyway, I’m mad. And I’m out!


Yes i do care about blocks in certain point (if its completely random “colortable” its waste in my opinion ofc) my issue was that its again hunting related event. Im not a hunter and i bet there is someone else who is not a hunter either.
Same pattern different candy. Long story short



I see your point, but you’ve totally scunnered me!

I know it’ll be to late now, but everyone is gonna charge in with a gb totem in one hand and an auto-looter in the other anyway, so why not just allow them to be forged with those 2 boons?

Maybe after the event you can allow them the be forged?


:frowning: 10 characters :frowning:


not to menton if the “gleambows” follow the same rules has normal meteors on top of haveing to PVP for the drops you would need to bust out the hot pockets and pee jar just to collect enough to even make it worth it other wise you got a assortment of blocks that you cant do anything with


While i do like this idea (and I was actually going to suggest it), it would ruin the event coming back. They wouldn’t be able to do the no forging thing again because there will be someone out there saving forged ones :wink:
I’m cool with the way it is… except i do support the solo gleambows


Do the Rainbow Totems work on normal blocks? Have we seen what they look like yet?


I could just go for hunt just for giggles and drop regen bombs xD


i just posted about people doing that too in the PS discord :joy:


Do Wayfarer totems work too?


Yeah, but if the following was the case:

There wouldn’t be an issue!



Makes this technically a forced PvP event. unless you are in a group where everyone can share and play nicely with each other.

It also prevents anyone from soloing this, which I don’t agree with. Not as a event type thing. Your events should be able to be done by everyone if you are going to make them events. with a live countdown and all.

I will most likely try this event out. only because there is a color of gleam I would like that is not currently around. And I am curious to see what players are going to do to each other as I like studying Player behavior.

I myself don’t mind group play. And I don’t mind PvP either, I come from PvP games. But I do not support the idea of being forced to group for an event that is likely to happen only once a year, and turning it into a semi-PvP thing on top of that in a game that is suppose to mostly carter to PvE. So hopefully, at the very least you will scale the non-shareable loot to be large enough to counter act the conflicts that I see this event maybe causing in groups of random players when people end up trying to break and take the same block as another player.

I think this event should be able to be done by everyone, Even people who are still stuck on T1 worlds. I am sure you can most likely create tiny Level-0 Meteorites that are non-hostile for the newer players to wander up to and see whats going on and get a few random extras from the event.

Now with that said. I don’t mean to sound too harsh about the situation as I know the devs are trying. and I appreciate the effort. But I would be remiss if I did not state how I feel about the situation when it comes to rare events that are hyped up by a live in game countdown clock.


This will be interesting to say the least LOL


Just wondering. Is the totem required to harvest the block. E.g. to physically hit it? Or can you use regular tools as long as its in offhand.


Just for a bit of clarity, do you need the gb totem just to collect prize, or to break all the scattered blocks?


Beat u! Type faster fid


I believe its required to obtain it yes. The blocks.


Them GB-totems are not cheap to make - I mean the necessary Elemental Fusion :-1::-1:
especially for me - I am not a hunter - more a builder.