Introducing Gleambow Racing, starting this week!


Elemental fusion is cheap if you buy the shards from a shop you can make 1 for cheap shards are around. 13 c


No. Group up buttercup


Shards are commonly 5c each, 60c total isn’t a lot imo. The 2000 power is a bigger barrier. Also shops will likely be selling totems.


If you don’t like the event just trade for the materials with ppl who do. Many commenters in this thread forget they’re playing an MMO.

I think having a party system with loot sharing built in would help events like this in the future


I can’t, others can’t/don’t want to. I don’t think you’ll find much success changing minds with that approach.


Due to this creating blocks never seen anywhere else, the prices are most likely going to be quite high, making the people who are most likely to need to trade for the items, not being able to afford to do so. with out burning a very large hole in their pocketbook.

I did not forget this game is pretending to be an MMO, but my statement still stands. For an event like this. in a game like this, in the state the game is in. Ease of access is more important then trying to follow MMO standards at this time. The MMO standards can be Applied to the parts of the game that are not going to vanish for 11 months at a time.

There is no harm in letting the solo player or the noob have a bite at the pie, when the large groups are still going to be able to do what they do and be rewarded for doing so in a group.


I understand and agree it’s an MMO and group play is an important feature. I don’t think this event should be altered in any way. I like this game a lot and try my best to refrain from negative commentary on patches or events I don’t like (aside from resource requirements which is a pet peeve) but I think requesting future content that caters to all players after a development phase which has felt distinctly group oriented is reasonable.


It’s an mmo. Your support is not required


>> I Do Not Care. I Will Give My Feedback And Opinion Regardless If It Is Required, Wanted, Needed, Or Not. <<


Yay, this is working just how I thought it would. Finally a competition event, I have been practicing with max movement skills for some time because I’ve been wanting to design a race track / obstacle course in the game to hold races at.

This is light PvP, really just bringing in the spirit of competition, which while that might make some people unhappy it makes me overjoyed. Its limited time, and I’m so excited (plus it gives me a reason to craft and sell elemental fusion as well as the seasonal items).

Here’s to an exciting couple of weeks, I’ll be sure to be at least hunting with my wife for these, after all since we don’t have to fight enemies it makes it easier for us since we are not particularly good combat participants, and we are always starved of Oort due to our schedule rarely lining up with current hunts (and we are not good fighters so solo and duo hunts, or starting our own groups don’t interest us).

Anyway, I’m excited about the event, and that it will reward gold and Oort stone too is awesome!


Have we heard yet if there will be creatures at the rainbow meteorites? Should we bring weapons? Or just totems and empty inventories?


Well, I think what some folks are forgetting to say is Thank You,

Christ on sale folks.


Believe me. I would love to. I’ve always been thankful for just about everything the great devs here have given us and I love this game. I will continue to love this game no matter what.

But I’m afraid that I cannot be thankful for the kinds of special events that pushes out and excludes a percentage of the playerbase. And I’m not just talking about solo players like myself. I’m also talking about newer players who are not yet ready for T3 worlds. It isn’t fair on them either.

Sorry but that’s how I feel about the situation right now.


I am going to guess based off of this. Yes there will be hostile creatures.


Ha! good point! I had forgotten entirely about that.


Back on track!

If keeping with the meteorite theme, maybe a future event could be a meteor shower?

Something like, smaller, but numerous meteors on all tier worlds.
No monsters, smaller loot drops, but the sky will be so pretty!
Just have fun running around and collecting.
Maybe throw in a special one here and there.


Maybe I’m wrong, but I read “2 people present” to mean in the zone, not necessarily in a group or cooperation. So go solo and hunt meteors, just remember it’s not a race if there is no competition!

With enough people participating, I have no doubt the sky will be raining rainbow meteors enough for everyone to have their fill, so stop complaining before the event has even begun!


I appreciate the new content. I don’t support PvP.

I’m so terrible at grapples that I’ll be lucky to pick up a block or two. Not sure if this is enough to tear me away from Stellaris right now. My time is too finite to not have guaranteed rewards.

My kingdom for a crafting based event.

Really looking forward to farming. Hopefully that’s soon.


You may need to translate that for us Americans over here on this side of the pond. :wink:


I don’t love that the event is competitive in a game where the cooperative nature is the biggest draw for me. There are much better games for competing with other players. I suppose not every event has to be for everyone though. I just hope this isn’t the first step in a trend of having materials that are only available to the “best” players.