Introducing Gleambow Racing, starting this week!


Oh, good, I’m not the only one!


Raj/radge ~ mad/crazy ~ radgey ~ crazy person

Google says scottish, but definitely used in north-east england too…


I believe it reguires breaking them


Thank you for the translation. Context suggested something as such, but having a response to help explain is appreciated :smiley:


Bampot/bam - hooligan, trouble-maker


Will these meteors be dropping on every panet


On level 3 and up


:rainbow::rainbow: Here’s an idea on how to do these too without getting in each other’s way:

You and 1 friend go out looking for them. But, before any drop, each person picks two directions to harvest it from. For example: I’d pick harvesting the sides facing north and east. The other player would get the south and west facing sides.

Four friends: you each pick one cardinal direction on the face of the meteor to harvest.

If you get doubles of one you already have but another friend doesn’t, you could trade! Say you got a stack of red, but you already have a ton of red. And your friend got a stack of orange that you don’t have, but they already have a bunch of Orange and zero reds. TRADE!

Or if its just the two of you, you could switch off meteors completely. They’ll take the first one, I’ll take the second. And so on. :rainbow::rainbow:

Truly and sincerely; THANK YOU DEVS!!!

Edit : eradicated contradicting wording
added last paragraph and thank you.


Sounds great will be teaming up later today to knock out some meteors.


Ya’ll are acting like this is going to be a stroll in the park. I dont see any other events asking for a good name for their fabulous rainbow death montser.


I agree completely. The only way I would team up would be if the game supported split screen co op and I could play the game with my family. I enjoyed the snow oortmas event because I could do it alone, and we didn’t have a defeat penalty. I am not looking forward to this event. Also a solo player.


I’m looking forward to farming also, it seems they keep adding other things in the road map and pushing the farming back.


Quick word of warning

Make sure your totems do not have an augment applied to them… the crafting of the Gleambow Totem is indiscriminate!!

Plus side… if you find that the crafting process has taken your augmented totem, you can cancel the craft and the augments will still be there!


Where do you make the stone totem for rainbow recipe


Race against the time limit I think, not against other players.


It’s a race against both as the meteors are made of unique block colours (if you get them in time). If you’re in a loose group, you’re essentially racing against other players to farm the unique blocks too.


Newer players have hard time cause people using 3x3 hamme gonna melt it under a second heh


Is there anything to kill?


You can only use the gb totem on the special blocks


Time, brain cells…