Introducing Gleambow Racing, starting this week!


So it is hitting blocks with a stick


Oh yeah! :+1:


I walked up to one and it turned insta grey?


Yes and someone here said you can forge those apparrantly


yeah we were at one and it said 30% and all of a sudden we’d get a lost meteor. Think it is not yet fine tuned.


It’s a shame new players are kind of excluded from this event with the elemental fusion needing 2000 power to craft, the odds of them having enough power coils are slim


we as a community can easily solve that and sell those totems at low price or even give them away at rally points. I don’t see any reason why they would be excluded.
Go out shout in the world for everyone to see :slight_smile:


Extremely useful info there. Very good to know. Thank you sir.


Yea new players need to just say they need a totem. Some good people in this community and they will give new players totems to participate no problem. I would myself but i realized this morning i only had 60 of the red crystals and like 1000 of the others lol😕


Also would like confirmation on if those forged totems actually work or not. Thought they said they couldnt be forged but apparently they can? Maybe wont work for the event once they are forged though

Edit: im at work for another 6 hours :laughing:


Forging totems is like 20 effectivness. Props to whoever makes an AOE. They deserve it.


I personally made 150 elemental fusions and I know others in my guild made just as a much if not more.

Any new player that has no totem just has to hit up @Vurtadelic @Dingdingboom69 @Pandakevi88 or myself.

We would be more than happy to help those that cannot make them themselves yet.


I wonder if this will still one-hit the blocks :thinking:


I thought they couldn’t be forged o_O


Hmm might be a glitch.


Me too, but it’s 0 flexibility. With full coils and skills you get 62 effectiviness it seems. It’s somewhat hard to push enough boonpoints to get a decent tool.


That would just make it the same as any other Totem. Wayfair Totem and the normal Totem have a 62 effectiveness (or something close).

Hmmm shiny loot sticks ! yay


No Gleambow screen shots?!?

Come on folks :smiley: Some of us are stuck at work, show us off your finds!


Don’t use anything other than the totems it’s Insta fail if you use a slingbow on the gleamtrunks


Btw black gleam is awesome! Haha