Introducing Gleambow Racing, starting this week!


Just for you, here’s a pic of a shiny stick…


Ah, really! Maybe that’s where we were going wrong…


Well… at least they look pretty on shelfs


And since we have found that we can forge these, does using a forged one instafail as well?


For those who aren’t looking to play as a group - I’d say it’s still worth getting involved! The game just needs that many players to be in one region, you don’t necessarily have to be on a big group hunt. Just hang around heavily populated areas and you never know what kind of rewards you’ll end up with :slight_smile: The more people we get in proximity, the more it’ll be raining Gleambows!


What is a gleamtrunk?


Its cuttletrunks that spawn at the meteorites and they levitate you away. Haven’t tried forged totem yet mine are still finishing but at max str etc there easy to break


Can we get a decisive word on whether or not the totems are supposed to be forged at all?


Appreciate your reply, Sam. But it’s still gonna be a race to the meteor though and when I get there, PvP for the blocks. Sorry, but not my idea of fun in this game. Thanks though.


So a good combo would be grapple in one hand and gleamtotem in the other?


So using a tool other than the totem is autofail? Sounds like an easy way to grief if true :persevere:


I beg to differ, ive killed them before without it failing. It may have ran out of time right as you killed one, giving the impression they caused it to fail


Ooh if these are forgeable I wanna upgrade all my offhand lighted lootsticks to gleam totems!


62 actually. And I have a nice stack of 9 with dmg lvl 7 and 3x3 :slight_smile:


I found a dormant meteor made of leaves!? Is that what the event meteors turn into?


No. @Vansten said they are pretty much covered in different mats. Like tangle and such so might be just one of meteors ^^ dunno tough if they turn into like that when they go dormant. I doubt


Meteors fall from the sky made of any natural material - be it sponge, tangle, wood, leafs, or even (rarely) gleam. (among other mats.)

However, even the meteors made out of non-gleam materials have gleam hidden inside it. The level 2 ones usually had 3-4 blocks of random color gleam, but usually at-least 1 being black gleam.

Once a meteor becomes dorment, the blocks turn into whatever color that planet usually has


So sounds like its not as much pvp as people are trying to make it out to be. If gleam comes as a reward when its done its more cooperative than competitive


Only 3-4 blocks? How many players were at that meteor? How many walked away empty handed?


3 players including myself, and I got them all pretty much

The only meteor that was decient was the one made outa gleam, that everyone managed to get a fair share of.