Introducing Gleambow Racing, starting this week!


Sounds like the mechanic design is as unfair as I feared.

Yep, definitely sitting this event out. I at least hope that the devs learn from this event and that it helps improve events in the future. It’s the only bright side of the rainbow I can see right now. (Pun totally intended). :slight_smile:


I personally think this event was implemented wrong. Special/fun events should be for everyone, noobs included. To make the gleambow totem (most of us can do it easy peasey, but not everyone), a player needs a compactor, power coils, shards, skill points for weapon crafting, etc. Special events are suppose to be available to & fun for all. :confused:


Depending on the meteor material and the planet, it could be the case that even dormant meteors contain new colors of certain blocks. During the winter event you were able to get ice and glacier on planets that normally don’t produce those blocks at all.


The main hope i have is that the farming update will come soon, meaning everyone will be able to get any color of material they want.

I see this event as more of an early access to that rather than anything, and when i look at it like that, its not so bad


Think the dormant meteors turn to the world default colors


Not to mention that a lot of newer players aren’t or don’t feel ready for T3 worlds.


Exactly! I’m really looking forward to the farming for that very reason. It can’t come soon enough lol.


a13o meant that this might be an opportunity to get a block type that isn’t found on the planet naturally, or just really rare. Like the Kol Huroo ancient wood.


The lack of quanity is pretty annoying as well, add more players and we’re all left with singles of blocks which is no real use other than bragging rights


Ye i do agree its a bit unfair cause apparrantly as some people has shown you can forge those totems. So just putting megafast brew and totem 3x3 its gone in a second


PVP should have zero part in a special fun event like this. If the devs want to add PVP, make PVP beacons or biomes/planets for that. Everyone should be able to get the goodies from these meteors, not just a few.


The dormant meteor I found on cephonex Merika did have about 4 gleam of the normal stale cerulean colour


Excuse me all haters but event name explicitly says “racing” which means competing with others. You can’t race with yourself… or can you? :thinking:


They need to allow them to spawn from solo players that’s my only issue with this


Is anybody hunting them now looking to join a group


Wish I wasn’t stuck at work lol.


Im not hating. I just stated that this is yet again another hunting related event.
Other stuff is just my personal opinion about the event.


This event should’ve included meteors (possibly scaled down versions?) on all planets that DO NOT require more than one player to trigger a spawn. They did it for Oortmas, could have done it again. I won’t even touch on the unbalance regarding the totems required for the event.

Four hours in and I’ve seen about eight gleambow meteors. I managed to harvest a small handful of materials from only two of them. Personally, I am extremely disappointed and disgusted with this event.

I’ve been stoked ever since the first announcement, and now this is a huge let down for me. :weary:



Boundless is a game that attracts many playstyles. Solo is one of them. Solo play has been a recognized playstyle in MMOs for years and most developers have accepted this fact. This event does not cater for this playstyle. Plain and simple.

This event also doesn’t cater to the newer players whom are not ready or they don’t feel ready for T3 worlds. Plain and simple.

Special events should be for EVERYONE. not just certain player levels and styles. Plain and simple.

We can and will express our opinions on additions to the game whether we like them or not and can still love the game as a whole. Plain and simple.

Why am I spelling out what has already been said above? Was it not plain and simple enough? Well, hopefully things are a little more plain and simple now.

No, but you can race against a timer, which many of us believed was to be the case.


i think we also may be missing the fact too that right now anyone with a forgemaster setup is going to be able to 1 shot loot magnet the drops right now