Introducing Gleambow Racing, starting this week!


Please do not patch ability for forging until after I get home from work. Thanks!


if i was the devs i would not even bother at this point its a literal case of closing the barn door after the horse is already 2 blocks away if they patch it all it would do is make the currently forged ones 10x more powerful


Well it tells a lot when you see dev saying totems are not forgeable. Then few moments later someone post screenshot about forged gleamtotem.

No one has said is this actually intented i feel like they are just watching reactions of this and deside after that… wich is not a good sign.


Craft to gather to craft to gather to craft the coils to craft the fusion shard to craft to hunt. :wink:


This seems incredibly inefficient and is another “Well, work with other players” route. A promoted, time-limited event after a free weekend that is gated by Power requirements seems a bit silly. Relying on community presence & kindness to solve that also seems silly.

Didn’t see it raised on testing though so we missed the window to get it changed.


Okay just lead a hunt and I can officially say the timer is way to fast


Need to give at least 1 more min on the clock and make the thing have a bigger tail while on the ground so we can spot it faster or put a marker on the radar when it hits.


To give a bit of background on how the timer works, it automatically balances the time based on a few factors, such as player count, but most importantly it adjusts based on the success rate and average times to complete Gleambow Meteorites on that world specifically.
So it should get easier if its too tricky at the time, alternatively you could attempt the Gleambows on other worlds where the timer might be more forgiving for you


We had a decent size group when they hit the ground a mile away it’s a bit much.

Also 50/50 drop rate seemed nice but you can run into an issue where you just have really bad luck I would suggest bumping it up a bit. After all we want to have fun during the event not feel like it’s a grind.


I like this even more than most others. With great loot at the end. thanks Devs. A lot better than handing out flowers


Have not tried yet, and I was kinda excited at the idea of this event, but reading some of these comments/reviews has got me a bit bummed.

Why so little blocks for just the first lucky ppl? Thats just gonna create hate and slander and possibly future trolling.
Personally, I’m a giver, not a taker, and rather than compete, I’d rather just stand back and let others take. So I might as well not try.
What about kids competing against experienced adults?

What happened to the shared loot box in traditional meteorites? Easy fix, right there. Even if it’s still 2-3 blocks only, at least everyone involved gets it.


I agree here, we had a small group of 5 and it is nearly impossible to get anything before the timer suddenly runs out. Then running regions gain for the same poor result.

I’m not going to bother anymore


Buying a Gleambow Totem is a valid way to get it. Why is the economy excluded?

All players can easily survive on a Level 3 world with others - IMO.

IMO - all players can be involved in this event.

But you’re free to not get involved on a point of principle.


Hi James.

It’s the “With Others” part that is the main point here. Not all of us feel comfortable playing with others. In game chat is awkward because you never know if the other is typing or not. This leads to long awkward silences and I’m not comfortable with that. I have anxiety issues among other things and I’m not alone here.

I prefer to go out there solo. Do my own thing. It’s the way I’ve always played this game and other MMO’s.

It isn’t a matter of principle, James. I don’t know where in my comments that you got that impression. I simply don’t feel comfortable in this game playing with others. It’s a mental health issue paired with a life of being stabbed in the back by those that I called friends. The way I am is the end result of over 30 years of that ■■■■. I’m not the only one with these kind of issues either and I’m afraid there’s nothing we can do about it right now.

Can’t believe I’m having to say all this but whatever.


I put 20 FREE gleam totems up at my son’s shop in the south district of Duskmoor, capital of pheminorum, if anyone wants a go at the event who doesn’t have the ingredients to make their own!!!

Underneath the giant hockey stick, can’t miss it!

Will try to get back online tonight and add some more if they’re all gone!

:rainbow:Have fun, and good luck :rainbow:


Yea I’m hoping they except the fact it’s to short and they extend the time as well as make it more visible as to where it fell I’m already on a short leash I dnt want to be searching for it it just to find thorns.


I really have no other issues with the event it’s fun and exactly what I expected nice way to get a few new colors. Just needs a bump up on the timer and a bigger beacon to see where the thing hit the ground.



As a reminder the gleam meteors drop in area’s populated with people. Even if you play solo and just walk around you will encounter Gleam meteors…because you will happen to be in a zone with other people at the time, even if you can’t see them.

Ideal way to get Gleam Meteors: Hunt with other people
Solo: Still can get them, but they will be more sporadic…but when you do find them, you can collect as much as you want.

Just pointing out that the mechanics of the optimal spawn rate or the framework of the event doesn’t dictate the playstyle of how you interact with it.

<3 <3



There are a lot of players that have said they avoid T3 because it’s too hard for them. Noobs would have to know:

  1. How to travel to a T3
  2. How to find/buy a Gleambow totem (since they obviously won’t have a compactor, coils, skills, shards from corrosive planets to make one)
  3. How to join a guild, buy/make a speed brew, etc in order to have the speed/grapple keep up with a group that is chasing down meteors…noobs don’t have a chance to get there in time.

(I think the fact that the meteors drop on T3+ is fine, but it does exclude some players).


Was hunting these with a group for 4 hours out of the 6 that dropped 4 failed almost as soon as we got there and managed to loot 2. The timer is a pretty big issue. Time should start as soon as the first hit on the meteor takes place not as soon as it makes landfall. I liked the two I got to loot but yeah maybe if you could elaborate on the mechanics of the timer a bit. Should 50+ chars be on t6 for better time? Just want to find a way to optimize my time vs reward/loot.