Introducing Gleambow Racing, starting this week!


This is where the community needs to step in and help the new players out. We need to get the word out to new players that we will help them along on a T3.


This whole thing strikes me as an example of rewarding existing players who are willing to go to the T3 worlds, but not new players (and even some other existing players) who are not ready for the T3 worlds.

Like meteors themselves, this is not going to be for everyone, which is unfortunate as a lot of the players who are likely not interested in finding these things are the very builders who could really use the materials from them. Thus, they have to then buy those materials, which they might not have the money for as they’ve had to do the same for other materials from higher tier worlds.

I really think that, if we want player retention, there needs to be at least a little more focus on the start game. These are the kinds of things I think often drive off new players. If you want a player hooked, there needs to be more easier things to build in my opinion.

That being said, I do appreciate the devs trying new things.


Player retention IS NOT the players communities responsibility! I get so tired of hearing this. The Developers and employees of this game who get a pay check have that responsibility. I’m all for helping folks in game but I in no way feel obligated to. I paid for this game to enjoy it build,create a store,run a city, ect… All these things I’ve done and want to do more.If you run a business do you expect your customers you provide a service to to go out and bring in more business for you? No your customers will bring you business if you provide a great service by word of mouth. They dont feel entitled to do that they do it because they want their friends to get the same great service. Here you seem to be working backwards You dont care for how the business is being run but yet feel the need to step in when its not our place. I mean we should always be nice and harbor good community ethics everywhere we go but this is Their Business Their sandbox and their business plan. Most ppl know and accept this and vote with their feet and just sometimes ppl just cant get into certain games.

TLDR. Its their business their rules they can enforce them (or not) as they see fit. Its not the players job to help retain players.


If players want to make it their responsibility, then let them. These players want to help out. No one is telling you that you need to help them out and I doubt you would appreciate it if they did as I doubt people would appreciate you telling them not to. :wink:

It obviously is important to the devs to retain players, but no one should ever tell a player not to make it their responsibility to help if they want to help.


No one said YOU cant. I simply said ITS NOT our responsibility.

Case in point the free weekend came I helped 4 new folks I literally held their hands gave them cash basic machines 1 person bought the game and he hasnt been on in awhile. I’m saying you can be friendly give folks stuff show them what to do but at the end of the day THE GAME either works or doesnt for them. I of course wasnt even trying to convince them one way or another about the game they just needed help and I could give it.


have done around 10 gleam meteors , manageded 3 have gotten some gleam , and some nice colors , but first of its so little in the drops its going to take forever to use it for something (unless i buy)
The timers are Waaaaaaay to short , and to be honest for all the hype i was expecting lots of cool gleam and other stuff.
So far im super disappointed , i hate being negative since i love this game so much.
But i feel the Dev team need to do whatever they need to do to get some content out.
I really hope the farming and exoworlds come ASAP and i really hope it stands up to the hype.


yea but i think the distinction here is with this event we are kind of forced too help the other events where really good at allowing all level to join in but this one you need a char that can handle T3+ and amouseing you dont have the coils mats etc to make would need the coin to buy them that in this game is not easy most people i think would have to sell gleam totems at a loss due to this on top of the players needing to join a guild in order to get the grapple and speed buff to give them a kind of even playing field (already hard to do with forged totems)

the key to a good all around event is one that you can do at any level like in WoW with the darkmoon fair when i installed the F2P version i was able to play around i in the fair at level 5 when i had almost nothing on me


Yep, I now have like 30 different lovely wood colours, highest amount is 10…

Would need to do a lot of these to make it somewhat usable in a build.


If this is was is meant by “responsibility” then I can agree with that to an extent. However, I also think no one is being forced to help, but obviously people care about the game so they make it their responsibility.

Like I said earlier, more stuff for new players would go a long way in this game and this does feel like a missed opportunity to help with that.


There seems to be a recurring theme, an update is hyped up by devs and players, then it comes around and lots of people are disappointed by it.

I thought this might be quite fun, then when I leanered there had to be at least 2 people to activate it was a bit of a let down, but ok, could live with that.

Now after trying a couple, the activation seems too sporadic, especially if you have someone that is a bit keen in your group and keeps solo activating.

And when they do activate the success rate is so low, I don’t know if there is anything other than the timer that causes a fail.

It seems you need a big group to be able to complete, but then either the guys right at the front with speed potions to burn grab everything, or everyone gets there and there is so little for each person it seems hardly worth doing.

PS, no word on a testing update this week, unless I missed the message?


my friend just did two solo


My opinion here, but it seems to me like perhaps the dev team is trying too hard. They obviously care and James does an amazing job at communication with the players.

However, if it was my choice in what to implement, I would be throwing as many textures and opportunities for builders as I could. Don’t just have bricks but have the options for brick sizes. Add as many glass options as possible. Add in more furniture. Make all of these have variations that can be easily made and harder to make, not just things that are harder to make. Maybe even add in “plastics”: shiny blocks that look like refined metals but with all of the colours available.

There are so many things that could be added to the game that have almost infinitely more value than… gleam meteors that give a few gleam here and there? This game has so much potential and I’m really hoping that the meteors are a sneak peak of the future gleam types we’ll be able to acquire through easier means. Here’s to hoping anyway. lol


I have not had a chance to take part in the event yet, but I do have a question.

Do the loot boxes also drop some of the exotic colored blocks (including gleam) if the group successfully completes the task?

This seems like it would do wonders to level the playing field a little bit for the newer and/or slower players playing with a group of mega fast ninjas while rewarding the spirit of cooperative game play. It’s how meteors work today and it’s a very good system allowing everyone to have fun together so I cannot imagine the answer is not yes.

People have made mention of the completion loot boxes, just not exactly what’s within them. So I’m just genuinely curious.


the answer is no , you get gold and oort in the box


i think they just drop normal Meteor loot


I agree, and I would much rather see new craftable and variations and things along those lines than the special events like swapping flowers or snowball fights.

There has to be a balance on the type of update because people have different preferences, which is great.

Its just gets harder to keep up the enthusiasm when each of the updates either keeps you busy for a couple of days, or is a prolonged ‘event’ of something that’s a bit…meh.

Of course there will be those that are quite happy, which s great, but it seems more and more are a bit disillusioned with how things are going.


Ahh… Shame. An oversight IMHO. Thanks for clearing that up.


agree , so far to me atlest the meteors have not been worth it , but hope for better results with bigger groups


we see them fall but we never find them or it is inactive … frustrating


Its horrible, 4 hours i have no colours to speak of, gold and a few oortstone i shouldnhavebjust went regular hunting and thats exactly what i am going to do. I am also sitting this one out, its garbage.

20plus ppl in a groub, nothing. So much frustration :confused: