Introducing Gleambow Racing, starting this week!


One question I havent seen asked yet is do the meteors follow the same spawn rules and cooldowns as the normal meteors?

Need to reach the center of the region?
Has the spawn rate been upped or the cooldown lowered removed?

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I ran around with 2-3 others earlier. And they seem to spawn at normal rate and how the others always have. You just have some kinda % if itll be the normal or gleambow meteor.


The soawn rate is regular for meteors, most times like 90% of the time its regular, if a rainbow one spawns and u get to it, 99% its a regular meteor by then. We have even seen them land and turn regular once we as a groub got to it seconds after impact.

Good luck.


We got about 50-60% gleambow meteors. and you have like a miniute to get there. With good grapples we had around 20-35second most the time when we started hitting. Youll need the totem + grapple. Them cuttletrunks like to cuttle a lil too much.


sorry devs, I think you’re awesome but this event is nonsense.

I’ve just run across 3 planets for an hour and encountered one gleambow in the distance which was dead by the time I got there, one other dead gleambow and two normal meteors.

So far, very unimpressed.


I wish we got a rainbow mustage instead or along with the horn. Just saying :money_mouth_face:


I tried earlier, definitely saw a rainbow tail but it seems if you aren’t close enough it goes away or becomes dormant before I could find them. Very little, too little time.
With a group of 4 we finally had one fall very near, within about 100 blocks. Meteor was made of colored foliage. I think we succeeded because we got a green box, but all we got was colored leaves, some copper and iron and Oort. Of gleam at least I got none, and I didn’t see any gleam.
This was in cephonex merika.
Very disappointing.


This thread is one hot mess.

I’m going to say something that might blow some folks minds: you all are right.

The event is designed for groups and rewards groups disproportionately - the devs want to have people play and are obviously trying to encourage that behavior. The rub is that they are trying to get a bunch of folks that don’t like sharing their toys to play nice in the sandbox.

It’s not unreasonable to say “I want to play alone”. It is also not unreasonable to say “then you will not enjoy this fun thing”. Not everything can be done solo. If you have a deep seated issue with playing with friends, then with my deepest apologies, sorry.

This, however, does not absolve the devs from their responsibility to drive player retention and satisfaction. Players want more, want it now, and want it in any fashion. There should be an item that costs resources that can call a meteor on demand. More used, bigger meteor. Boom, issue of running around solved.

Want to do it solo? Why not. Get beefy and do it.

The T3 argument is pretty ridiculous though. T3 planets are child’s play as long as you don’t try and multispec your character. All of you trying. To be crafter, hunter, explorers are doing yourselves a disservice.

Devs: the event is hot. But give the people what they want. You need paychecks and we need stuff to do. Win win.


Hey Everyone.

As always we welcome feedback about the balance of the Gleambows. So keep it coming.

@dave, @rossstephens and I have tested all sorts of configurations over the past few days: forged gem grapples with max skills, copper grapples with no skills, just running and jumping, mega fast brews, and everything in between.

Because the events spawn into a diverse sandbox the landscape is the main differentiator. Skilled players with grapples will easily arrive at the meteorite - you can move around super super quickly. But clearly sometimes they’ll be harder to reach.

So we concluded, because we can’t analyse the landscape, it would be best to have a dynamically balanced target. Every time the event is won, the timer is tightened a little. Every time the event is lost, the timer is relaxed a little.

How’s it going? So far:

  • 234 completed Gleambow events - yay!
  • 162 failed Gleambow events - boo!

So more wins than losses. But I think we’ll make some balance tweaks tomorrow morning. So please keep the feedback coming.


i try again tomorrow think i got 2
i maxed my speed but saw @RedY3 was miles ahead off me (potion?/other skill?)
was very hard

i see where the grapple comes in lol
could be little bit easyer for small crews and new players

you saying if we loose alot they spawn slower can ya explain timers in different way?


Keep up the good work. I personally love the event. Great loot when you find success . I don’t think it should be too easy . Gives the blocks more value if they are harder to get. And as far as new players I get it but they are new so they have plenty to do and explore in game already.


I would be curious to know the more detailed stats of this

How many Completed/failed based on the level of world, and the size of the group.


I know you said you used all configs but it still seems off. If you are testing character specs make sure that you are not building only hunter based classes. Some of us cannot put points into grapple or health or all the other surviving options. It feels like if the average builds and gear was used you probably would have tweaked it more… but maybe you all were really trying to make a much harder event for those more advanced people.

This is the roughly common experience for our group:

The timer is still too tight even with a dynamic range. It needs at least 15-20% more time. Most of the meteors had only 15sec or less before it went out. That is with 1 or (if lucky) 2 people getting there with a few seconds left. You run out of stamina trying to activate a grapple in hopes of speeding up your ability to get there. Meanwhile you are dying left and right because you get massive amounts of fall damage from uneven terrain or because you hit a corner or something as your grapple in. Then you lose complete sight of the gleam meteor because the trail disappears once it hits the ground and if you are too far away you have no idea where it is. So if you are lucky to even get there before it is gone you have 5-20 seconds before the timer expires. Just as you start to hit a block you are picked up and thrown around by Cuttles in which case you die because of the fall damage.

Of the 2 hours we played we maybe had 10 meteors (estimated). We had to go to other planets because we spent a lot of time going to regions and never getting a gleam meteor. I would say we lost 80% of things especially if the meteor decided to land far away or we had to cross ANY water scenario assuming we even knew where the meteor went because we couldn’t see it.

I admit the race in some fashion was fun but it was a big waste of time overall because I only get a few colors if I am lucky and 1 Oort/gold if the meteor fails - which it did most times. It is great to have a Nasharil Yellow or Vulpto Red but 1 block is kind of sucky. So I sit there trying to decide is this even worth my time because unless I spec a full sprinting hunter I can’t really get much - especially if I am a lone person in a group. Luckily I was with a guild and we will share the many colors we did get but only 1-3 blocks of each color.

There was excitement and challenge and I am thankful we have a long time for the event so I think a few tweaks and I wouldn’t have been as critical. This was a pretty hyped event and at one level I think it delivers, but on another I think it misses the mark. The biggest miss was not being for all people and the mobs we have to deal with. We should have this on all worlds allowing more to run around - not just T3 or better. And let’s be honest there is really not any T4, T5, T6 you can play on. You cannot play on lava worlds or very hard to navigate world. So you are stuck on T3. We needed this on lower planets and mobs would be fine just not ones throwing you around especially with a timer!

(FYI @Dave @rossstephens)


Just went on two hunts :slight_smile: I had a great time! Event is fun. I am looking forward to racing my friends and seeing what cool items we get while doing it :slight_smile:

<3 Love it


I think it’s reasonable to exclude the economy given all the complaints about coin generation. If you’re a relatively new player I’d guess you don’t have much, but you have the data and know best. How much are Gleambow Totems selling for I wonder?

Much of the cost is spent already for established players but newer players, perhaps attracted by the promo weekend, there’s a potential high bar for access. I tend to think about things in input/output given my work and the way this event looks as a system is poorly balanced, I think. In terms of input of resource (effort) and output of reward.

Forgive me if I’ve slipped up on costs, it’s been quite the week at work. Roughly speaking then, entry cost if you assume they buy two Advanced Compactor Coils and already have acquired 1500 power for a Workbench to make five themselves would look a bit like:

6 x 2 Elemental Shards
10 Soft Coal

4 Titanium Furnace Base
24 Titanium Alloy
64 Flint
20 Soft Coal

3 Machined Gold Alloy
30 Gold Alloy
36 Soft Coal

80 Rubies
24 Ancient Tech Components
4 Ancient Tech Devices

100 Soft Coal

Reward looks like

A chance at getting of a few blocks of newly coloured gleam if you’re first to it and in time

And that chance appears to be about 60% success on the Gleamboweorite then ??% success personally harvesting something.

I won’t be able to participate for other reasons but it just doesn’t look that well balanced that I’d be attracted to anyway, especially if I were a player less far down the progression road. It feels like it needs re-thinking for future iterations of the event. I’ve played many MMOs and the events are a continual learning and optimising thing. I hope this one becomes more attractive over time.
On a wholly different subject, it reads like the process that adjusts timing based on player activity is across the whole player population? Is that so? If so, wouldn’t that mean in the set of all players, the slower ones will have a harder time meeting the mean than the faster players would have? Given it’s easy to slow down but more skill involved in speeding up. Or is it per player?


Max speed + max grapple skill + forged grapple + speed brews. Took me to the farthest meteor like magic.


thx i catch up tomorrow


If you want to count cost this way you need to include the resources for the tools to gather these items, the resources for levelling your character, the foods, etc, etc.

This is basically the total cost of crafting the item from zero. And is definitely the most expensive direct path.

Whereas IMO it opens up an opportunity for economy. This item creates a demand. Who will fulfil it? What will the price be? With some competition maybe a Gleambow Totem will only be 150c. Maybe more? Maybe less?

There are many paths through the sandbox. I think it’s interesting to explore as many as possible and see where they lead.



My experience with an event so far: