Introducing Gleambow Racing, starting this week!


right now the going price is 1200c - 2K



I’m selling them for 250c. I didn’t manage to make many and put them out before I got disconnected. (it’s stormy here right now).


Sound like an opportunity for some competition…

Actually - I’ll say a little more.

1200c - 2k? Good. I think the entrepreneurial early mover who is first to market - should make a thick margin.

But as more players get into the market the price will come down. But next weekend - I imagine it’ll be v. competitive.


ah james can also just come to me i hand them out :smile:


Imo an event is fine, but sometimes it’s just impossible to get to the meteor because of the terrain shape. Sometimes (100% of time) you must overcome huge mountains and bottomless pits.


I have 100 of the totems will gladly help people that can’t make them


How many gleambow meteors go dormant before anyone reaches them?
I don’t think you are counting these in your failed number.

My admittedly small amount of experience so far has been
1 completed (but no gleam)
1 failed, (tossed by cuttles 3 times and died)
3 did not reach/find meteor before timer expired (I think you left these out of your count)


I am not going to lie, this event has been the most fun for me in a while.

If you do reach a Gleam Meteor, don’t just hit it, dig into it. You can get to the center quick from the side, even the small meteors.

Once inside, break out the bottom and sides leaving the top. This will make it so they can’t pick you up while you are winning the meteor.

We just did 6 more (Fallon and myself) and it was a blast! Racing to get there before the timer, rushing to break the blocks! It is a lot of fun.

I realize the event isn’t for everyone. But for me, it is VERY engaging and a fun mini-game within the game. I am excited to play boundless during this event.

Honestly the gleam/blocks is not even a part of the equation. I just love the race part of it! It is so rewarding to win the meteor before the timer runs out after dodging across landscapes! Looking forward to getting the timers tweeked. Having the meteor land with 40 seconds as it landed was way toooo low :slight_smile: hehe

Well done Devs!! I am having a blast.


My experience with the event so far:

and that’s just the gleam :eyes:


Same, I can’t find a group …and I’ve been playing for a good long while now, well over 600hrs (according to end of year stats from playstation). the 2 group settlements I’ve been apart of both dissipated, Feb’s event was simply depressing for myself


I ran around on Alnitans for over 4 hours tonight. Was not really looking for them just hunting. I swear there must have been 30 meteors hit near me (sometimes 2 in an area) and NOT ONE was a gleambow. So the 50-50 split is WAY OFF. But hey glad to see others are having fun with it.


I finally found a meteor made of gleam! This one was a level 5, so maybe ONLY big meteorites are made of gleam? The level 2 or 3 ones I saw were made of foliage and the other thorns. Just happened to be in the right spot on Cephonex merika, made it to it before it timed out and got some colorful gleam. Failed the meteor because I was the only one there and ran out of stamina, but I did use Tagris’ tactic to tunnel inside quick so the cuttles couldn’t pick me up and was able to get some gleam.
This was more fun with the meteor actually made of gleam instead of foliage or thorns.

So are only level 5 and above made of gleam?


I suggest posting in discord, lots of player groups are picking up players all the time. Yes groups do die off eventually, you have that with every game. One group I was in completely disbanded, I distanced myself from them for awhile, they have come back but I found other groups to play with so I am fine. (that isn’t any group that I’m currently in btw).

I have weird play hours compared to most people so honestly I’ll be fortunate if I can find a group to go with, but when I was just looking around on a T3 world for something else I did see a few rainbow trails in the sky… I didn’t have any totems made yet though so I’ve not done the event yet. This is just day one, I expect lots of groups out and about over the weekend.


Try xa frant


I wanna know what triggers those gleambows.
I was exploring yesterday at xa frant like half an hour and saw 2 gleambows (other one i actually managed to break)

I had some people nearby but rly far away

So technically i got went solo that i guess should not happen?



I honestly thought this was going to be an event I wasn’t going to participate in. Spent an hour or so running around tonight with some guildies and really enjoyed it. I think we spawned over a dozen or so gleambows and ended up getting to all but two of them before they went dormant. The three or four gleam ones were pretty awesome as you can see from @Stretchious picture a few posts up. The gleam is awesome, but I’m more excited about collecting all the different foliage colors for highlights in my trees. :smiley:

I think this will be the first event I will spend a large amount of time doing. Kudos devs!


Yes it can


I’m sure you have a gameplan for this time around so I’ll focus on feedback for V2 of this event or ones using bits of it.

Remember that this is a timed event for limited resources so players are starting at a baseline stressed level. What feels like fair from your position may actually need to be softened up in order to play better with that baseline anxiety. More to the point, you gotta design around FOMO. There’s like 5 kinds of FOMO in this thread.

Attaching a reward onto the failure case, such as a buff that makes your next meteor even juicier, will double as a consolation prize and encouragement to keep trying. Better yet make it juicier for everyone, like when I lose make me count as 3 ppl when the next meteor falls. So even successful people will want to be around a loser like me.

You may be able to increase the number of “winners” by making this meteor more of a meteor shower. A lot of small meteorites covering a much wider area creates pockets of success for many to thrive in. And gives a hint to the more socially conscious players that they’ve “gotten their fill, let others have a shot”.