Introducing Gleambow Racing, starting this week!


yes, finally!

Sorry, that was way too easy and I just couldn’t resist! :smiley:

I do agree with you tho, make it more tempting to continue when you don’t make it.

I also kinda dislike the fact that earlier we were wih the 3 of us, I was closest, the times was almost done and I started smashing so we could win it but it also meant I had the most blocks because I wanted to help us win it, sigh. I kinda disliked that, I prefer shared loot!


Im so jealous of everyone that had the chance to try out the event…wish i didnt have work :cry::sob:


It’s still happening!

For another 13 days.


I would consider myself a skilled and fast enough player, using a forged gem grapple and skilled up for it too, and still was failing gleambow meteors with another player that was nearly right behind me. on moderate terrain (circarporous)
the timer is way too short.
way more frustrating than fun. :frowning:

I’m curious about these numbers too, I’d like to know how many of those are from the same people, it seems like most of us are failing before we even get to it.


I haven’t had a chance to try these gleambow meteors yet due to work etc … I consider myself just an average player and I don’t have a gem grapple so I’m wondering from the various comments so far on here if it’s even worth me crafting any of the totems.


Just tried a few with a non-competitive setup and we failed ~66% of meteors, with forged gem grapples. Especially if there’s water to be crossed we just abandoned it without even trying. Just getting them to spawn was annoying too. This will be a pass to me even with a higher timer. The big hunts were the most anxious time I’ve ever spent in game, not fun :-1:


I have come to the conclusion that this event is not really aimed at me and those of a similar play style.

I like to take a much more methodical approach to things, and from what I can tell there doesn’t seem to be the ability take a tactical approach (unless you count travelling fast and smashing blocks fast as a tactic!).

Events so far have been either super passive and takes no thought (let’s swap flowers) or chase the meteor and smash (mobs with snowballs/blocks with a stick). None really got my brain out of first gear.

If there is a bit of a rework, I might try again, but for now I would just ask the devs to try to come up with an event for the future that is designed around problem solving. (maybe I’m the only one who wants this, and in that case I’ll be out of luck!)

Edit: after the rework and the ability to solo, I am now enjoying this event!


I used a gold forged one 750c you guys seem pretty poor for being around this long come to me and I give ya a grapple


Another solo player here.
My feedback and nothing more.

Puzzled that Devs would choose to alienate a small, but vocal, portion of the player base (solo’ers) and make the event more frustrating than fun, for a lot (though not all ofc).
Retaining players and encouraging new ones is of paramount importance and I just don’t understand the thinking behind some of the decisions for these events.

These events, in my eyes, should be fun, but fun for all and more fun than frustrating. I know things are fine tuned as they go on but still feel it will probably be too little too late.

Maybe a wider, more diverse type of players in the Dev’s decision/testing phases would help.

I would absolutely love new coloured blocks, as I love the building aspect of this game the most. I also quite enjoy soloing meteorites, but I’m excluded from this event.

Still love the game though (bought another gleam club) but don’t expect me to get excited about upcoming events.
Also I’m still wearing beard from Xmas event but definitely not going for the horn…that looks just to odd, in my eyes, on our ugly mugs.


I’m like supernoob in agility and hunting it cost me 1850 coins for goldforged grapple and a gleam totem and a reskill in speed ditched portal epic if I can do it it must be pretty easy


What are you doing this weekend?

Death by my own grapples mostly…

Yeah, it’s fun, but timers seem a tad off… Some of the locations prohibit reaching them at all, so would say like 8 seconds extra would enable pairs/3s to reach and complete a good few more at least!

And this is with a pair of super fast hooks, speed drinks, and full spec for speed running.



Timer is fine.


Bad luck last night maybe. Me and a guildie tried for an hour last night on a few different planets. Every meteor went dormant before we could even get there. We’re both max level with forged grapples and max agility. Water was definitely an issue on one planet. Which planet are people having success on?


15 second timer on these meteors is dumb who ever came up with that time frame needs to be smacked with a cactus even if the timer is 1 minute when you have to travel across mountains and everything else


Unfortunately I’m just a “casual” player who tends to play predominantly independently due to erratic play time due to work and family etc, the time I get online I mostly spend building as it’s the thing I find most enjoyable and any coin I’ve been getting I’ve been spending on advanced power coils for all my machines. Last week I bought my first forged hammer so hopefully when I get a chance to use it I’ll be able to get some stuff to sell back to the “hardcore” players that keep the game going. Thanks for the offer Moebius, hopefully I’ll get a chance to get on in the next couple of days.


I think the biggest problem and misconception of this event is the dynamic timer with successful runs reducing the timer and failed ones increasing it. That way players with best equipment and optimized skills lower the bar by reaching meteors most of the time resulting in less equipped players failing more often. Players that are failing often will get frustrated and hunt less often or even stop completely. This way the event has the potential to turn into something only enjoyable by the top players over time.

Instead a fixed timer should be used with challenge going from moderate (T3 planet) to hard (T6 planet). That way everyone can choose their challenge lvl like it already is the case with normal meteors.

Personally I was really hyped about this event but currently feels more like a downgrade of the game adding frustration.
Biggest issues for me are the need for a group and the harsh timer.
Group need is an issue because I often do meteorites when out gathering things but that mechanic only allows me to take part in the event when actively hunting in a group or having people randomly nearby. Would really like to be able to go on gleambows during normal exploring activities.
Currently upgrading to forged gem grapples to beat the timer and hope it will get fun with those even when not being explicitly skilled for this event. Right now big bodies of water are equal to immediate failure.


So it’s day 2 of rainbows in the sky I believe today will have a fix for the timers and hopefully a bigger more visible tail on the meteors. At least I hope so before I give this event another try


IIRC, my first trip to a lv 3 as a newb resulted in me becoming a meteor myself. I kited a long tail of mobs across what seemed like a quarter of a planet, before ducking into a cave, not realizing that last step was a doozy, and going out in a blaze of glory into the lava. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

… It was a little while before I tried that again.


Oh, right I should’ve maybe posted this info, but you can mod them to be bigger :smiley: Go to your boundless install folder and assets/archetypes, on my pc the path is

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Boundless\assets\archetypes



Modify the values there, notably


2.0 makes pretty big meteors, 4.0 makes huge meteors :smiley:

Boundless has to be restarted for these values to take effect, and they sometimes reset when patches hit.

Gleambow Hunting 101 Tips/Tricks

I have had an issue finding group hunts for a long time now. Certain days and times are impossible. It’s been this way for a while now for many vets, because we have done everything there is to do, and at some point we’ve built all that we want to build, and another point is that being part of some guilds and cities, it’s in vain to build something nice, because they always completely change it, and you no longer want to be part of it. Finding a group when you want to hunt, is really hard. This event will mean more groups out and about, and hopefully increase players playing. It’s an mmo, but too many ppl try to force it to be a solo game. It can only solo so far. Otherwise just play Angry Birds.

This event being forced to group up, I believe is the dev;s attempt to have an event where it’s worth grouping up for. There is nothing in the game that truly promotes groups. There actually needs to be however.
Regular meteors give more in loot mainly in resources that are already easy to get. I have more meat and animal parts I could ever use in a lifetime of the game. I get more ores from mining than I do hunting. I have a buttload of shards.

Do you guys have a better idea that gives people a reason to group up and increase the mmo function of the game, that doesn’t kick off every solo players anger? Players have suggested instances and dungeons, and pvp, but those all, for the most part are not solo events. So will any idea of uniting players together get shot down with sadness like this one did?

As far as this event, I don’t like the timer on getting half the blocks destroyed. I don’t see a need for it. It just adds a unneeded chance to lose the special gleam, when everyone at a hunt is already dedicated to not lose the meteor thus wasting all their buffs and energy. Why add a timer to possibly nullify that there is a special event? Not sure the timer helps force larger groups or not.