Introducing Gleambow Racing, starting this week!


I have now actually been taking a break until there is some content that is more involved. More mmo like. Just building something and waiting for ppl to come by and say “wow”, has worn off after a couple years of it. I need Hunters, and more mobs to kill. A reason to group and survive. I loathe pvp in the form of corp. greed. Makes me ill.

I welcome anything that breaks up what’s been the norm.


haha yup! most of us don’t run a guild or city with tons of beacons for footfall ;D

<-- poorest elder player :joy:

for pros, maybe… and that is if you’re fully skilled and tooled and brewed and buffed up…

that’s what i’m sayin’!

This right here.
it’s already bad enough we have to compete for the blocks… (it’s not like they are dropped from an instanced lootbox :frowning: )


That has happened to us all me and my buddy spawned on lamblis to start we spent a lot of time digging before we were able to even effectively kill the mobs now i 1 shot most mobs on t3 worlds


Hello all,

Some news on this - we’re updating the event. Details Here;



because the rainbow meteorites come so far from where the region is discovered? all the metrotites go very far and without taking into account mountains, rivers or even lava, I do not understand why, the normal meteorites come out well and close, what difference is there? and because you have done so far is difficult with the countdown and it is necessary 2 people, I do not understand why so much difficulty, for new people is almost impossible, I being a veteran I have a hard time arriving so I imagine a beginner how hard it is done, so I think this event is only for veterans


me neither i dont own my hub and city lol
was to busy to install decent footfall systems and i leveled super slow lolz
but being me does have benefits not gonna lie lol


Sam the man


And we’re back - enjoy folks!

Remember to keep the feedback coming - see you in there!


Just had my first experience with the event (large regular hunt that also included 3 gleambow meteors), here is my feedback:

- Good base idea: cool way to introduce new blocks, limited access for even the more successful racers means trade will be encouraged.

- Needs better inclusion: Race is fine to give the fastest players best access to the blocks, but there should be event-specific rewards for everyone who participates. These could be done via the meteor loot box or drops from gleambow cuttletrunks. The most obvious would be a few blocks of event-specific gleam, but a gleambow currency or crafting ingredient that could be used to make special gleambow items would be excellent as well.

- More event swag: The unicorn horn is good, but a few more hats and a body paint or two would have been nice, especially if they were purchasable/craftable with items from participating in gleambow races as mentioned above.

that’s my 2 cents, thanks!


So I feel this event is poorly implemented. For someone that doesn’t have the gear and/or skill build to be able to race across the surface of a planet, always being the last one to arrive at a meteor during hunts, it makes me feel left out. As a result, I just finished running a hunt with a group of folk. Got a whole lot of monster drops as you’d expect from a meteor hunt. … On the flipside? Absolutely NO gleam from it. Why? Because by the time I’d get to the impact site of the meteor everyone else has already completely consumed the meteor and left nothing behind before moving off to the next one. It would be nice if the so-called shared loot inside a completed gleambow meteor would include a few pieces of gleam just so people like myself don’t get the shaft. Thanks.


I’m with you… it would be nice if the meteor core you break at completion rewarded a random selection of these special blocks…


I am a little confused do you kill the creatures first or do you go right for meteor and break blocks?


uh, what? .


You go straight for the blocks. The creatures are only there to distract you and attempt to drag you away from the meteor. Breaking enough blocks within the time limit is what flags the meteor as complete and allows you to collect whatever blocks are left.


Best to break the meteor first. You will probably loose it if you take out the gleamtrunks first.


Thanks that what i thought but wasn’t sure


Well, whoever you all were that I just served as mob bait for on Cephonex Merika, you’re welcome. :rofl:

I wasn’t even trying to find one, and both a gleambow meteor and a few players following it came out of nowhere right in front of me. Lucky for them, as I decided to go in for a few whacks too, the cuttletrunks with the pulse beams seemed to all zero in on me. The others were happily chopping away still as I got flung up in the air repeatedly and died, lol.


Ok i say it here. I was wrong.
After patch dropped that ables soloing.
This event is really good.
Havent been doing anything else than this after
Solo patch.

Thx devs


The overall meteor rate for solo has been lowered right? I mean, I used to be able to reliably find a meteor to do when I felt like it… now I wander around collecting plants and I see none… if I run into a group doing gleam meteors, the rate goes back to what I’d expect …


I had pretty good success this morning running them solo, it seems to me that the world population is the most important factor. More people trigger more meteors. The guild hunt today had 7 people and saw tremendous success, but our best run was when we were competing against another guild party.