Introducing Gleambow Racing, starting this week!


I have spent the last hour or so solo chasing meteors, and just some observations…

I probably seen about half a dozen of each.

Of all the standard meteors they landed fairly close, not too distant, in fact I had to pause writing this as one just landed within 15m as I was standing still.

ALL of the gleam meteors spawned at the farthest extremity and we’re heading away from me as well. After 1 or 2 ithought that it was just random, but after 5 or 6 in a row I guess that must be whatever are programmed too?

Because of this, I only managed to get to 1 before the time ran out and then I only had 10 seconds left!

I may need to respect an alt for this specific event, just to have half a chance of catching one!


I have just 1 char.
Well some key skillpoints i have is 4 agility. 7 dex. Max power. Dmg epic. I use basic diamond grapple and mega fast brew. I always get meteors abd i dont even have my spec optimized for this…


After patch this event is much better and was able to enjoy it for some hours so far.

Even had some races with oither people wandering around. Sometimes they were faster and sometimes me. Overall a good experience.


My experiences on the second day were that I didn’t get to any of the event meteors in time. Saw about 8, only able to find 3. Closest I got was 3 seconds left when I got close enough to see timer, too late to hit even one block though.


Thank you guys for considering all of our unhappy comments on something that hasnt actually been done before and making things a little easier for us


Just wanted to update my previous post…

On my newest alt, lv 24, I wiped the skill page and setting up purely for this event.

Found a relatively flat area on a lvl 4 world.

Now, although the gb meteors do still seem to be spawning at the farthest point and are always travelling away from me, I do now seem to be managing to get to them in time, usually with 45-60 seconds left on the timer.

It helped that I got some speed brews as loot as well.

Respec definitely is helping, but picking your playing field is just as important I think!


The mountains are manageable as long as you have grapple and run and buff


What the heck was that? I run around for almost an hour looking for one of these. When I finally found one, I run to the scene only to hear this whirring noise and get lifted a hundred feet into the air. I’m still falling when it tells me I’ve lost the meteor. That was fun. Glad I participated.


…and now I just lost one for seemingly no reason at all. I’m fighting next to the meteor and I just lose for some reason. I don’t know why.

How frustrating.


Gleam trunks lift you in to the air and the meteors have timers you have to grapple the ground next to the meteor beat the meteor blocks then go after the mobs oh and some t6 meteor cuddle trunks have the same ability


it’s time based, hence gleambow race… you need to harvest 50% of the blocks before the time runs out. the mobs are just there to distract you.

what i do as soon as i get to the meteorite, I dig straight to the bottom of it and then you have a bit of a covering to protect you from the sucking vortex move the gleamtrunks use on you.
forged totems really help too! (busy bee and AOE work wonders. I only managed busy bee and magnet on mine. works well.)


At this point I think the loot boxes should have included colors as well for those that don’t get there as soon as others. Overall the recent changes have made things much better but we still are not helping those that are slower… a few loot colors wouldn’t hurt at all.


Im not saying its a bad idea, but the fact is some people are good at hunting some in crafting… thats just the way it is. There is no need to tweak the game if theres handful of people that are not able to use game mechanics like others… period


This has nothing really in relation to being “good at it.” Yes there is a bit of skill required to learn to fly with grapples and navigate the terrain. But, let us be very clear that the rest of these “speed” comes down to having a specific configuration, resources for boosts, and luck that you are closest.

If you are going to have events that are set for a specific type of player - the more established ones - then you need events that work for other types and the “established” people lose out. How about an event for all levels under 20. Anyone above 20 cannot play. Let’s see how that goes over with the community.

If we don’t start learning from our mistakes with the fundamental issues of this game you will just lose more people and more people for various little things they don’t like because others take it away. We already have SOOO many things in this game that are pushing away the average player because it caters to the established people and have game mechanics that only create the need for a “few” things of each part of the game…

The only reason people don’t want this (or other things like trying to find ways to get those that quit back) is because at some level they fear they will have actual competition or are so pissed subconsciously that they have to work their behind off to get stuff in this game that they don’t want others to maybe get 1 millimeter of “easy” stuff.

It hurts nothing at all to drop a few colors in the loot. Those that spent all their coin and were established and could make speed buffs only get more colors. But those people that were not there first actually get something beyond just left overs - if any actually exist.

We need to stop only catering to the old players and do things to get new blood in this game or it will become VERY stale.


I finally managed to get a couple. One of sed rock, one of growth. Five pieces of gleam, light tan, azure and 3 black.
I’m done for today. Too many games to play to get that kinda reward for 2 1/2 hours work. I’ll plug at it for another hour or two tomorrow.

I get why some may dig this, but running around in the woods shooting things isn’t my bag.

When is farming, again? My kingdom for crafting events.



Luky day on Boori


How many freaking meteors is that? I’m getting 2-3 gleam per.


I found two all gleam made


That’s not even fair, lol.