Introducing Myself

Hello Everyone,

I thought I’d post here to introduce myself. My name is Ollie and I’m the new Lead Designer on Oort. So I’ll be working really hard with Ben, James and the rest of the team to make the game as good as it can be.

A bit of history: I started working in games at Lionhead Studios on a game called Black and White, and went on to work on various titles there including Fable 1, Fable 2, and The Movies. I then spent time at a place called Kuju, and most recently worked at another Guildford studio called Supermassive Games on a few things, most notably a PS4 title called Until Dawn. That’s just been released and I’m now really excited to have moved to Wonderstruck to work on Oort.

I look forward to hearing your ideas, and helping to deliver all the features you’re waiting for.




OMG! Another Developer!

It’s very nice to meet you Ollie! :smile:

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It is a honor @olliepurkiss
I can’t wait to see what you can do!!!

Greetings! :lester:

The Movies was like… my childhood. I definitely want to find that again and get back into it!

As a huge fan of Black & White I´m quite excited to see someone who worked on it in this game.

Welcome @olliepurkiss!

Hey there, Ollie! Black & White was awesome, both 1 and 2 part. Glad to see you here on forums! Welcome to the forums, have a cup of tea :smile:


When I see your name… This is what I think of:
ollie :kissing_cat:


For the members here who are not familiar with what role a lead designer performs on a game development team, can you elaborate about what your role entails? What part of development do you most heavily influence?

My second question is what about Oort brought you to this project? Thanks in advance.



Thanks to everyone for the messages.

A Lead Designer is responsible for the delivery of the overall design of the game. In a large team this might be quite a prescriptive role, but in a slightly smaller team like Oort’s this becomes much more collaborative. So I’ll be working with all the great people here, and getting their design input, and collating that into a cohesive plan.

What attracted me to Oort was the people, the work they’d produced, and the sandbox open-ended nature of the concept, which is the type of game I enjoy, and also fits with my skills and experience.

I hope that answers your questions.



Sorry if its rude to ask, but how does a person get hired to be the boss of the team? xD


Probably through the parent company, Turbulenz


In my experience this is the same as with any other position. If you possess the required skills and have notable experience in a leading role in a company (preferably in gamedev), then you apply and get reviewed by your future superiors. Not much difference from any other job, really.

Dead man’s boots.


We are glad to see another great dev added to an already awesome team!




You say you’ve been working on Until Dawn? I love it, just finnished watching Gronkh’s Let’s Play of it. What did you do in that Project?

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Your a pretty sick dood, WELCOME ABOARD

I was on Until Dawn for four and a bit years, so I did lots of different things. Initially I worked on the story. I then worked on the design pipeline and the AI, and for the last stretch I led a team responsible for around a third of the levels.


They’re taking inspiration from Skyrim, where you can join a guild and 4 hours later become the leader of it.