Introducing the new "TNT6 Network"


The Nixian Trust proudly presents…

TNT6 Network

A super convenient straight line direct connection to your favourite top tier worlds.

Designed for ease of use with minimal walking/no turns between worlds. Even the signage goes the extra mile to show you where you are in the network, how many of which points of protection each planet needs, and which bows are best to use.

Each hub also has personal portals and locked storage available for the avid explorer to call home.

And not only is it one of the easiest networks in the game to use… it is also THE prettiest.

Beautifully styled inside and out to maximise your travel enjoyment, and specifically designed to show off the natural beauty of the planets as you wander through.

The journey matters just as much as the destination.

TNT6 Network… found exclusively via TNT Megahub, which is found anywhere worth visiting.

TNT MEGAHUB: One Jump To Freedom

Network looks amazing. Ill have to come check this out when home from work. Great work :+1:


Thanks! Super proud of what the team has done with this one.

I may have jumped the gun a little on the advertising as we havent added the T5s yet (will be up in a day or two), but i just couldnt wait to show it off.


Awesome work, thanks!! :slight_smile: Y’all are so great!!


Looks good, will have a looksie later!


Ok, who works for a marketing or travel agency? This line is just straight gold.


Way worse… digital coms and marketing for the government. Can spin just about anything. :joy:


using it - plain, simple in design and providing good info on the spot



So pretty haha