Inventory loss / death / Health

Ok, so :unamused: I thought I’d take some screenshots of my builds in the new textures (very nice BTW)
and I died 8 times while grappling to photogenic locations
and a situation that I hated before has become INFINITELY WORSE!!!
before I could get back to where I was relatively quickly because we spawned with the grappling hook
Now I have to craft it
my issue isn’t that so much as that our health is WAY WAY WAY too low
I die just grappling over to the NEXT mountain to take a screenshot (let alone ANY kind of exploration)
It is, honestly, not fun

Now you can craft the healing blocks, build one of those (make sure infinite blocks is on because you can’t pick them up once placed) and then use them when you’re getting low on health.


you need 1 wood block to craft the grappling hook… are there literally no wood in that area?

Yes you actually have to be careful with a grappling hook. Imagine if we commonly used grappling hooks as transportation in real life. That’s a lot of ledges and barriers.

I specifically said that THAT wasn’t my problem (It only Exacerbates the problem by making it that much more of a hastle)

  1. I don’t know how to make it
  2. the healing block is worthless as I go from full health to death IN TRANSIT by hitting walls and the ground

You have to get used to grappling hooking without dying, they need to tweak the values for now, but just think about the fact that the force you hit a mountain would be the same as the force of falling from a certain height, if you dont want to die then dont grapple hook mindlessly, if you are going to die anyways then just make home locations whenever you can, so you wont have to move as far when you spawn.

So what you’re saying is
‘get good or get out’ :confounded:

Nah im just saying you should be a bit more careful. i had the same problem, i swang too fast and kept dying. i just started moving more carefully and i dont see it as a problem anymore :smile: