Inventory Management app like the one in Destiny?

This is more of a question than an explicit suggestion, because I don’t know anything about how difficult this kind of thing actually is to code/develop:

Destiny has an official inventory management phone app, based on some fan ones that sprung up because of (as I understand it) Bungie making storage data readily available when paired with logins. Is there a chance for anything like that to be implemented in Boundless?

I know the scope, budget, and teams of these games are very different in size, so maybe it’s a kind of impossibly-intensive thing. But the ability to move inventory around that’s in my different beacons with a touch screen would be absolutely choice.

(In case you want to see the apps in question and how they work, there are a couple different ones. I used to use Tower Ghost and Destiny Item Manager, but apparently Ishtar Commander is a really good one, too.)

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This game seems to attract far more programmers than games I’ve previously played (or maybe there are just a lot more proficient programmers these day) so if the data was available, someone else could make it.

Edit: Forgot to say I agree with your suggestion. Storage management from outside the game would be very useful.

boundless has no app support, so its impossible. the only apps which avaible using the data from the running game which is only allowed and was not planned that it is possible.

and i think they have no time to add app support, they should better add content, still wait since a very long time for the titans, ground basher and some other units.

Yeah, if this is ever possible it would be extraordinary even to just get access to machines so you could load them up in game, then use machine storage to top up the queue.

But storage in Destiny is always in the same place, everyone has exactly the same storage, the one that the game provides.

It also would make the game a lot easier to play. Full on rocks while mining? Nah, I just transfer them back home!

They might as well then just skip such app support and allow us direct access to ALL our storage boxes no matter where we are! Because it would be basically the same thing…

So no, this will never happen.


I do feel there is room for apps. I would love it if I could check if crafts are done, perhaps turn on another craft without having to completely log in (or even be home).
But then it would be nice if all machines could be accessed by 1 screen, also in-game, and that there is a way to move items from 1 machine to another, or that machines store their crafted items in a shared crafted output storage that all machines can access so you can start a craft of item B in machine 2 after machine 1 is done crafting item A which you need to craft item B…

Even in game that would already be such a huge improvement.

I see what you’re saying about the in-game improvements! I love the idea you mentioned about crafting, too, because it would be kind of cool to do my in-game crafting through basically an app game while I’m out and about. Nice dreams!!

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Hello! Is using any unofficial applications legit in the boundless game?

Absolutly NOT NOT in any case, im not going to manage my game via phone,
its not even an option, if they will be even considering it - ill immediatly quit game

i bought game for PC and not going to use external devices to manage it

we still waiting for allowing to extend inventory using cubits :smiley:

welcome to geforce now cloud gaming :wink:


Does that run any better then steam link? I find boundless rather clunky through steam link.

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way better :slight_smile: :+1:

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Ooo! Thanks!! I’m on it!! (watch my work productivity tank now !!) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: