Inventory Space Skill

So I’ve been talking with others on discord and asking questions about some of the stuff coming up in Release 187.

Something I realized was there’s going to be a lot of new items in general that are being placed into the game.

I am curious as to whether or not the Inventory Space skill is going to be changed or tweaked to accommodate this.

I think with each level of it it should provide 8 slots instead of the current 4. The argument I have for this is because if you’re out hammer mining for rocks you’re going to be picking up a lot of other materials along the way. You aren’t going to have the inventory space to keep up. This way it provides a bonus of 32 extra slots of you max that skill tree line. Allows you to run around with 48 inventory slots.

I am just worried that hunters and gatherers are going to have a rough inventory spot with all the new crafting mats being introduced.

Thoughts on this @james @luke-turbulenz ?


You have a good point. I have not tried meteor hunting on testing yet and my inventory fills up very fast. I have yet to count the amount of drops you could get ona hunt

I struggle on testing with all 4 skills unlocked :joy:

Well in today’s hunt that we both were in… I was having to drop full smart stacks of meat and some leafs in order to continue picking up tallow, bones, fossils, and gems…

So I honestly think the struggle is going to be even more real when Release 187 goes live. lol

I honestly wish there was some sort of bag you could open up and place items into or out of in addition to your normal inventory space. It would make mobile storage possible and even if that means an extra 4 to 8 slots (like 3 tiers of bags) it would mean the world when it comes to going out on hunting or mining runs.

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I tried gathering new items on the test server and quickly ran out of inventory.

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I’ve had similar concerns while testing on 187 =/

i’m always a fan of bigger inventories <3…

alternatives could be to optimize what items smart stack together and add smart stack slots and or increase stack sizes beyond 99

now if we could somehow tame Wildstock and use them as pack mules :thinking:


Jiivita… pack mule Wildstocks… omg… the higher level it is (such as Elite Strong) the more it can carry…

Sounds like a very delicious idea. Even Cuddletrunk make the idea sound pretty cool. Wouldn’t have to worry about them falling down holes and endless pits of death.

I just think having better inventory management would be a nice quality of life step. We still need chests for actual real proper storage instead of shoving everything into crafting tables or shop stands. It’s not what they’re designed for. Storage Blocks and Shelves are horrible.

So if we had better ways to store and more inventory space in general when out gathering items… I think it would cut down on a lot of conduit and sanctum down time. It’s already time consuming enough to organize and sort through thousands of stacks of items, where certain items are where in what machines and crafting tables, shop stands, etc. Signs probably can help with a lot of that I suppose.

A bit more inventory space would be very useful. I used to play “No Man’s Sky” (don’t judge) and the storage and inventory space limit and management was the number one reason I stopped playing it, it just became sooo tedious to have to be constantly trying to juggle everything about. At least with boundless we can have virtually as much storage as we want and it is all pretty easily accessible and easy to see.


Could use Cuttletrunk as homing pigeon, sending stuff to nearest base.:slight_smile:


Presses button to move item to exocraft… decides item needs to be in suite inventory… presses same button to move item to ship… realizes ship is back a base… 18min drive home just to retrieve said item… next finds out that the next required item is on the freighter… which requires a trip up into orbit to get… /ragequit


Please don’t …that just gave me a horrible flashback :joy:

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a solution could be to be able to stack more meat in one slot
i give an example like 100meat can be converted in a meatstack
and ya can have 900meatstacks in a slot
this system can then be used on all drop items
so it dont fill up inventory

what we need is not a mule but a small cart you pull on a rope downside is ya got only one free hand

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hahah i would keep sending mine to you with mud deliveries hahaha