Iron Ornate Metal Door

In creative mode, I can see that iron ornate metal doors exist, but I don’t seem to be able to actually make them in survival. Is there a recipe and I’m blind, or is this a pseudo-bug thing?

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Hm, I went and clarified in my post that I mean survival. Sorry for the ambiquity.

you chose metal ornate door - if you use iron as metal, they will be iron;

the part of recipe that asks for metal bar - you use copper or iron and thus create iron or copper doors

Yeah, saw your change so deleted my response.

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The recipe in only allows for precious alloys and doesn’t accept iron, from what I can tell.

I have not tested it myself, but I did notice in creative on testing that we had access to things that did not exist on survival… oort seams was one of them. Not sure how many other things will be creative only for a bit.

ah just realized you ask for ornate

yeah - there is limitation as lower tier metal door cannot be titanium and the ornate cannot be copper and iron

there were some changes to that as far as I recall and maybe titanium is allowed for basic door but not sure

for ornate you only can do silver gold and titanium as these are the only alloys available

creative seem to go around that
maybe its a sign of future changes in recipes etc

Okay, that’s what I thought - it sucks that the door is in-game and just doesn’t have a recipe.

Yup it’s a bit annoying. Many a time I’ve wanted to use one of these doors in a build, but can’t until they add a recipe for it.


Tagging @rossstephens so he sees this


It is deliberate on survival, due to xp for crafting and prestige of the output item, it is a mistake that it shows in creative. Might have to remove it for parity between worlds, will discuss internally

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No, all metal types should be available for all door types (Both normal and trap doors) A simple recipe adjustment can be done to make them available.


Yea I actually thought we all agreed that all the metal doors should be allowed to be made in every style. Thought James was on board with it at least. Guess I’ll have to do some digging for that convo