Iron Slingbows


Dear Forum,

It is said that Stone Slingbows have a 10m range, Copper: 15 and Iron: 20. I watched a YouTube video featuring slingbow comparisons. I noticed that in the video, that the trajectory of the Iron Slingbow was virtually the same as the Stone and Copper bows. The video isn’t that old, however when I shoot my Iron Sling Bow, they fire in a tight arc towards the ground, missing the intended target by what seems as an awful lot, because the arc destroys the range. Is this a bug or a feature? When I aim to over shoot the target to try and get it to hit, it still falls short. In it’s current state, it seems useless.


Do you have slingbow mastery? Those numbers shown are if you have enough slingbow mastery.


Or go for Silver Slingbows!
(Thats what I did after I threw my first Iron Slingbow into the next lake :rofl:)
They are a decent upgrade even without any mastery.


They are, if you have oodles of silver. LOL. As for slingbow mastery, I have level 4.


Hmm, I guess you just don’t like iron then! :upside_down_face:


Iron in general has attribute heavy, so all iron tools are slow but hit hard. In case of sling, since heavy projectiles have short reach.


I don’t mind the Iron ones now. Far better than Titanium. I just want a powerful bow that shoots a straight arrow. The arc is just really bad. I heard that the gem ones are good, but that seems like a waste of resources as it costs 10 raw gems to make one usable mat.


Gem Bows last a really long time (if you don’t die) especially when you double their durability with skills.
I’m still using my first topaz bow.


You should buy your gem stuff from shops, they sell for about 5500 with the taxes. Well, im not objective cause i am a merchant but i think buying is the best way for beginner to intermediate players.
The best profit is made by selling coal, ores and gems.


Continuing the discussion from Release 172: Alts and World Levels!:

“Rebalanced slingbows
–Added multishot variants.
–Removed cooldown to make repeaters better.
Changed gravity effects for different types.
–Balanced damage, and speeds etc.
–Tweaked names.
Removed gravity from grapples.

feature for now… but the devs are always tinkering and re-evaluating things like this so i would expect this to change at some point… also with the up coming forge… there may be a mod for available to fix this issue… (with some sort of trade off im sure :wink:)