Iron tools? When do I learn how to craft them?

Lvl 22 and NO recipe to craft iron tools has popped up. Google just leads me to a page that says, “This is an iron shovel. You use it to dig dirt.”

Also grappling hook??? When/how can I learn to make it…?

So many things are locked away and undiscoverable in this game for a new player.

You need to put a point into tool, weapon, and tech crafting in order to craft copper and iron tools, weapons, and tech respectively. Grapples are considered tech.


Awesome, thanks! I had put a point into tools and nothing, so I put another point into tools - still nothing. Skill points ain’t cheap so I probably never woulda figured this out.

Copper and iron tools should be accessible with just a single point into the skill line.


you craft them in workbench

Please also take into account that what you know how to craft is listed in “Knowledge” tab when you are in character menu - so where inventory and journal is.

In this Knowledge tab you can also check what kind of machine you need to use to create it.

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