Is anybody by Turbulenz/Wonderstruck online?


is anybody by Turbulenz/Wonderstruck online?
I have only one question how the current processing status of my request is. I would be happy about a pn :slight_smile:


try Tagging


It would help them a lot if you just listed the question too… That way they can respond. Unless it is containing personal information. In that case a PM might be best.


I will respond in the next few hours. (But you’ve asked for something pretty special, it’s not something I can do easily!!)


I believe in you James! You can do it!!!

Now I’m kinda curious what the question was tho :thinking:


ok, thanks James:)


I quess she want’s to move Raxxa to Europe.


What a good idea


@james. I’ve asked for lots of special things. Lol. Umm any chance of getting any of it. Hahaha. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Sorry guys, fun police here. We’ve picked @james up and took him into questioning regarding providing too much entertainment for people. We would fill you in with our findings, but we would be afraid too many of you would enjoy it.

-Fun Police Chief


Curious now too lol


Maybe your not special enough lol :eyes:


@CrazyClaws So you’re saying I’m kinda special? I’m cool with that. Thanks. Lol.


Ohhh than maybe he can make Trior a T3? :nerd_face::vulcan_salute:


Wait wait wait!!!
Aus needs a T4 before any of those wishes come true!

I’ve had new players from our region tell me that’s why they won’t continue to play Boundless, which means we may never hit the population required to spawn a T4 Aus planet :cry:


I’ll trade you Circapous for Maluariakrib or Galan :slight_smile:


What’s wrong with Circ?
And I would 100% trade you McRib for Circ. Pretty sure none of us even like it, except @Vansten, but I think even he would trade haha

Should we start a poll, or just tag James to get it done? Pretty sure the pair of us can represent the entire EU and AU communities :laughing:


For all who ask what I want. I have no special requests, only problems with my account.


While were at it lets trade Galan for Cardass, love the mountains there even more but the ping is terrible!


I see your Galan and raise you a Norkyna!

I’ll post bail, we can’t have the updates being delayed! :stuck_out_tongue: