Is anyone on with great graphics?

I have something I’d like to get some good screenshots of, and I have a really low end system.

Is there anyone on that would swing by raxxa and snap some pics in the next 30 minutes or so? I’m almost done placing 4051 flowers/fungus that I gathered today on my build and in a little while they’ll all be gone :stuck_out_tongue:

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:sob: Can anyone render it?

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sure I can come around!

Gimme a sec!

If you set “Graphics”->“Target Minimum Frame Rate” to “OFF” you should be able to take screenshots on full settings. Just don’t forget to turn it back on again!

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Aenea came and got some decent shots.

Thanks for the tip @dave I guess she had extended LOD too.

Hmm looks like I can’t post them directly from discord they’re over the file size limit :rofl:

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Mine is always off…

I can show you from a old PS4 and a epic gaming laptop. The difference is amazing. So if I just had my PS4 I prob would have dropped it in a 1000m deep petroleum pit by now due the the rendering. I still cannot grapple well without everything freezing for 1.5 seconds. Then stutter around. The pc in the other hand is flawless. I would Definitely recommend a pc for this game. Well, every game. lol.

You can see some of the pics @AeneaGames took over here:

One thing about PC gaming is everybody’s experience is different for sure. Comparing these to what she took with a “real” video card and some adjusted settings it’s a whole world of difference.

If you really want to hurt your head you can watch the video :joy_cat:

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I missed all the plants :confused: