Halloween Bash 2019

So I decided to tend this year’s halloween event with a bit of a “bash” and I spent the last day gathering plants instead of harvesting them. In the end I managed to gather 4051 plants in one day from Lasaina, Minorengle, Xa Frant, and Houchus I.

Here’s the list:

Tinted Burst 629
Glowcap 621
Tar Spot 726
Clustered Tongue 219
Rosetta Nox 1856
Total: 4051

I took them all home and placed them in a sort of stadium I have (it’s an unfinished build), like this:

Then I set out to harvest them all with an AoE axe!

This, well this was not as easy as it sounds … It took me roughly 40 minutes to do. But I did it :rofl:

Here’s the loot:

I had placed some orbs in my inventory to help with the auto sorting and save me some time at the end, that’s why i have a couple of shadow orbs there. Here’s a list:

Spooky Orb 10,211
Pulsating Orb 1524
Vital Orb 1025
Shimmering Orb 863
Edible Lamella 1825
Glowing Lamella 1223
Reactive Lamella 1434
Inky Leaf 3710
Earthyam 3710
Petal 355

Number one lesson learned? Do this in a beacon that doesn’t have anything in it!

So anyways, I actually captured video. Which didn’t help my framerate any, but I did it. I had to stop a couple of times and fix my floor , and the hitboxes on these plants are very tight to the mesh. Of course, I’m sort of clumsy and I play on a potato :stuck_out_tongue:

I used windows 10’s video capture and it will only capture 30 minutes so the video is in two parts. So for the people that really want to have a laugh, Here We Go!

I had a good time with this event, and I probably did more gathering than i have in the last several months combined. Anyone else go crazy gathering spooky stuff?


I bought about 1300 tinted burst and did the same. Tho I didn’t keep track of my drops like that lol

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I had cleaned almost everything out of my inventory so it was just a matter of counting it up at the end.

Good thing I was surrounded by storage though, I had to stop a couple times and drop loot.

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Lmao. I love this!

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