Is Aquatopia Embassy Dead?


As the title states, is it dead, and for that matter Beckon? I know people are waiting for new content and whatever other reason to not play currently, but I rarely see people here now. Has everyone moved to higher tier worlds? Inquiring minds want to know…


I’m still there some of the time I play, building tree houses in the northeast, but I only play a little, and it is very quiet there.

Edit, I was there last night fixing some roads that had decayed.


think since it was there since day one the embassy has more inactive players then all other towns
also most residents have builds allready in otherplaces
it was also intended for a tempory city but we had to wait so long for the aquatopian planet that lot off people on a break atm until we can build our megacity
since theres so many land used its hard for new people to find place there i think


I use to visit it a lot however many the shops I used have closed. I would say fairly dead.


I don’t think Beckon is dead, whether or not the embassy is empty. My friends and I have started building a lot on it, and there are shops and players close to us that I see regularly! Maybe Beckon is a planet for small businesses and communities, haha


My settlement is on Beckon with my shop and im not going anywhere


Well I am glad to see that Beckon is not dead. I must just log on at the wrong time.


Indeed we still are there all over the planet :grin:


Most places that used to be big are now dead unfortunately. Last time I went to aqua I saw no one. There are even huge cities which are now ghost towns. Go to anvil and check that place out. Huge city which is now also completely dead. Last time I checked the total player count at peak hours it was a little over 300 players. That’s virtually dead for an mmo.


There’s also really only one portal to anvil now so that makes it hard for people to visit let alone want to move there. Problem with all of the good land spots being owned by people who quit playing and have gleam club.


I wandered around while i was refueling and checking my beacons. Pretty much all builds are there that were there in day 1. That being said i dropped few beacons to claim land that was regenerated.


Dude. You using your aqua embassy place? Just claimed hefty amount of land next to you and your few plots are on corner of it. Was just wondering would you be willing to gave those plots to me


I’m guessing you’re not referring to my shop but the land that I grabbed when it was decaying


No im not (i guess) . I would guess… its your first base or something. Its near pedgeys shop. Like a underground thing going on.