Is boundlesstrade broken?

And I’d still rather jump onto each of the 50 planets every day than try to find the 20-30 shops that requested to be scanned using the most vague directions imaginable.


For the stuff that the in-game tool works for sure. But if you’re looking for that lattice chisel with the sinking feeling quirk you’re out of luck with it. I do hope manual scans won’t be necessary though… Just a worst case scenario.

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Thanks for clarifying! I for one would love to see BT or similar sites continue even when the game implements a scanner. I use it for price checking my own shop and occasionally for finding new shops. I’m a PS4 player but find it useful.


I have a feeling manual scans will be able to pick up the forge data remotely, and the new site will be able to show it.

I’m absolutely assuming and hoping here though! :rofl:

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Attempts were made to stop people from access systems that were not meant to be accessed. Some saw that as a challenge and continued to try to keep things working under the new changes.

Based on the next comment below you would think people would take that as a message to maybe back off, yet they didn’t. So it kind of makes the next comment incorrect.

Why do people need to be asked to stop when they clearly were providing services that were hurting certain members of the community or were in some ways being taken direct advantage of to cheat in some form or fashion?

It seems a person can easily choose themselves to have made the choice that something shouldn’t have been developed when it wasn’t fair or intentionally went into the game to pull out data that was not being presented to the player base. It is quite an easy decision to make and shouldn’t need adult supervision or direction to steer a person to make the correct choice.


I 100% see your point & I agree it’s not right for some people to access info and share it (or not) with a select few.

That being said, if the devs don’t want people to create mods, then they are sending mixed messages. They made an entire channel on discord dedicated to mods/modding, and this entire thread About the Modding category

The only way you can create a mod is to do a little digging, discovery, etc. (I know I’m not telling you anything new). For now, everything looks gray/white to me :woman_shrugging:…I don’t see any black. I’m not monitoring the servers though - I’m sure they have someone looking at all of that and they couldn’t/wouldn’t tell us if they did catch/stop something malicious. Almost no studio would.


We’ve had this conversation before, and everyone knows our positions. I feel like rehashing this is not going to lead anywhere, so I’ll be very brief so as not to waste too much of everyone’s time.

We have fundamental differences in the way we see things. What you call hurting certain members, taking advantage, or cheating, I call sharing infirmation with everyone. Or maybe we are talking about different things entirely!

This part makes me think we are absolutely talking about different things, because all the mods I use and know about only aggregate information that is being presented to the player base.

A spreadsheet of which gems/ores are abundant on certain planets, and a list of available resource farms is no different than a table of shop stand prices from the same locations. Players have obtained this information in different ways but it is made freely and readily available to the entire playerbase!

Someone using their Real World knowledge to gain advantage is worse than someone using their Real World wealth or Real World time to gain advantage?

To be honest, the people we know have spent a lot of money and been around this game a long time (and we know they have because they love to point it out) are absolute roosters. I don’t see them sharing their wealth and time the same way as those with vast knowledge share information.


How long ago are we talking about here? Is this from the EA times? Or was there some hack that was a problem? I feel like I’m missing some history here, I’ve only been active since January.

I do know the exo bot broke at one point and it had to be done in a different way. But I guess James said go ahead and try but things might get locked down more.

Exactly so I came to the conclusion that

must be referring to something else.

The shop scanner wasn’t (afaik) affected by the auth addition to the internal api endpoints.

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Digging through James’ post history is a pain and I’m supposed to be in bed already, lol.

He did in fact post a couple months ago that some changes had been made because data was being pulled from the system that they didn’t feel users should have access to. I don’t remember anyone pressing for details.

Couldn’t confirm on hand that it was with regard to the expanded auth checks, which he did expressly respond were to further the goal of eventually adding API’s. \Those auth checks might stop some web services but not any mod with access to the sort of data exposed by the proxy UI or shop scanner.

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I tried but can’t find this post :confused:

I think it was in a testing patch comment/notes. But I could be wrong. Tho I do recall seeing that as well.

Probably used some wording I couldn’t think of :sweat_smile: Maybe nightstar remembers

This one?
Minimal mention if it, but it’s about all I can find, and seems like it might have been what you guys are thinking of.

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Maybe, tho it doesn’t mention if data was being pulled from the system that they didn’t feel users should have access to.

Yes I remember this line as well, but unsure if it was James that said it or not. Could it have been Luca? was going to dig through history in the same post timeline. Nope.

This is the closest response matching up I think:

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Evergreen edited this in just as I was digging it up. I grabbed a link from a little earlier in that thread:

This is in reference to the auth checks they added, in that thread james does not make the comment I referenced earlier regarding data users shouldn’t be accessing. It was pretty casual, and I’m not optimistic as searching his history for words like “access” or “data” is pretty rough lol.

The forum seems to support basic phrase searching but I’m not getting to this easily. I just started looking though, I did actually lay down and try to sleep for a bit.

EDIT: that is the thread where he confirmed they are considering public APIs and lists some of the obstacles to implementing them.

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I remember the comment something along the lines of ‘pulling info they shouldn’t have access to’ but you’re 100% it was James? That’s what I couldn’t recall, who the person was that said that.

Don’t bother, it’s not that important :smiley: Was just surprised that my lurking has missed it.