Is early access available for ps4?

Been trying to look throught the FAQs but cant find the answer. Just wondering if its able to play early access of ps4 since my crashed

Saw info about it but didnt see if it has made progress

If there is a EA I need to sign up! I haven’t heard about one. Just know it was playable on PS4 at Pax. I wish I could get into the world and play with everyone.

EA is only available on PC currently.

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Is there any mention of if Ps4 will get a EA? If there is could you link me to a post or anything with the most current info regarding Boundless on PS4, my googlefu has failed me.

Figures but since ive been without a pc i havent been keeping up to date with the latest games. I just found out that this used to be oort online and i got oort on steam already so i have this game i just lack the ability to play it. Super jacked about it tho and cant wait until i can join the world


I’m not sure if PS4 will get an early access. What I’m sure is that it’ll come out for PS4 when 1.0 hits.


We would ultimately like to do some form of PS4 beta. As we get closer to PS4 release we will be working with Sony to realise these plans.


This is great news id love to be apart of that and pump feedback to the development team. It’s always fun to beta test and find bugs!