Is it just me.. Can you not plant grass on chiselled blocks?

I make a lot of little streams… I tend to chisel the blocks around the edges and could swear I’ve planted grass around the edges before? But perhaps not :laughing:

At the new Forest we’re building i can’t plant on the chiselled blocks :frowning: if this is a known thing then ignore me and I’ll just replace the soil with a different colour to match. But I’d really like to plant the grass on there.

Maybe I just used soil everywhere else :thinking:


I think grass has been always limited to slope chisel forms (like also farming)


Noo I need bevelled grass :frowning:

But thank you, I will see if I can work around it with the slope before I replace the blocks

I have in the past. Slope only I think.


only sloped, unfortunately - whenever I want different chiseling, I use rock, gravel and other blocks with no grass;

for grass it’s limited :disappointed:


Chiseled gravel would probably look very nice for a small stream.

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Yeah slope only. I wondered why there were random dirt patches haha, I figured you had plans for some other color grass or something

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