Is it me or do the prices seem weird

If you assume that their worlds have to run on their own individual AWS EC2 instances, then this pricing lines up. The instance size has to be determined based on maximum need, so max storage, memory, and processing. Their pricing and capacity roughly double each instance size.

If the math above on total volume is correct, then both max altered voxels and max player capacity are doubling each instance size.

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What I find weird is that paying for multiple 30-day fuel we spend less than buying one higher tier fuel - it’s not much (cents difference), but it’s just funny that buying larger product costs more.

We pay 9.99 euro for 30 days, so buying them 4 times (for 120 days) costs 39.96c; if we buy the same 120 day at once we pay 39.99 euro.

Buying top 480 day fuel costs 159.99 euro, while buying 16x30-day fuels (to get the same time) costs us 159.84 euro.


But you aren’t, the height is the same in all scenarios so it cancels out.
Length equals width, height is constant. The small and large are about the same, medium is the best deal.

3,072² = 9,437,184 m²
944,663 m²/$

4,608² = 21,233,664 m²
1,062,214 m²/$

6,144² = 37,748,736 m²
943,954 m²/$

As you can see by the area, its would be identical. Four small worlds is the same area as 1 large. However 2 medium worlds would be the same player cap and contain an extra ~5 million square blocks, or half of a small world!

I am uncertain if regions equals biomes. Regions are rather large, and after mapping about 10 planets I don’t remember each region looking that unique. I have a feeling there are multiple biomes per region.


i’m purely buying 6km’s for its size not for its player cap…

go big or go home right…


I was trying to do this math, but I kept messing it up. I’m glad someone else could remember math well enough!

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The small and large are actually the same, it is the $0.03 difference in buying one large versus four small that makes the area per dollar slightly different.

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So the regions on large planets are way bigger than on small planets?

That would be my hunch, but don’t quote me on that. I don’t claim to know how the world’s generate. I just know numbers.

I believe that all exoplanets are the same number of blocks wide(3km) but not all of them are the same number of regions. Also if you’ve mapped a planet it is very obvious that there are large and small regions. Some will be huge J-shaped swaths of land and others are small circular regions.

I thought I saw someone say that it’s 1 region per biome. Since you can pick more biomes than the recommended number, that would mean you could have more regions, but idk if that’s true.

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Can confirm. If it says pick “at least” x biomes, and you pick more than x, they all appear.


the regions dont have a defined size, they are what they are. if worlds have a similar number of unique biomes for the same world size, the regions will work out to be the same size.

if you make a creative world with just 1 biome… the entire world will be the centre of 1 region!


If you select them all available on the tiniest world, will ALL of the ones you select be present just really small?

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“Some of them” may by chance end up not selected if you really put too many in, but generally yes; you just get noisier/smaller areas of each biome (*)

In the case of creative worlds, there is no weighting of the tiers so they will largely speaking be shoved in equally (some biomes internally specifying biases to their weight to make them a little larger/smaller which is respected by the generation system; but ignoring that).

in the case of sovereign worlds, where it asks you to say: “select at least 6 level 2, at least 4 level 3, at least 1 level 4” then it is expecting a ratio in the biome levels of 6:4:1. If you actually select biomes in a ratio of 6:4:20, then the level 4 biomes in this case would be weighted down by a factor of 1/20th so that if you summed up the land area of each biome level, you would get roughly 6:4:1, but each individual area-sum of the level 4 biomes will be 20x smaller than the level 2 and 3 biomes… this is effectively to prevent “gaming the system” by doing the opposite of the system wanting a 6:4:1, but you choose a ratio of biomes of 30:4:1 to try to make the world “easier” than its supposed to be.

(* in my case I did something like a sovereign wanting 6:4:1, but actually chose 6:4:40 and maybe 3 or 4 of the 40 biomes that were massively weighted down ended up not appearing at all, but the rest did)


Wish I had this info before configuring my world, but I believe it will work out fine.

The T6 requested (Starting at L4 biomes up to L8):


And I input

Everything in the L5 category aside from Castle Mountains I wouldn’t mind being small/sporadic anyways.

3x3 = 9
4.5x4.5 = 20.25
6x6 = 36

Surface area sizes

I would love a 2x2 one for $4.99

Not sure which size they tried but they wanted a smaller size than 3x3 but you were basically able to see yourself in the distance :rofl:


Prices… Too much For me…
Also slots seems a bit low… Its out of the question To have Group hunts example.

Fuel scaling… I dont like it.

Lets just say i waited this update To be somewhat epic, but it end upbeing the same old.
Back To Waiting New update… If we get one this year… Lol

not so much that you “can” see yourself, but that the rendering just falls over a bit and you see chunks flashing in and out from small camera movements as it “wants” to render the same chunk/mesh/entity in multiple places but cant… there are other things that arent so dynamic for world size either which would need updating like the weather/cloud systems would need variations built texture-wise to work well on a smaller world and such and for sovereign worlds the region/generation of biomes starts to fall down a bit and you end up with a boring world that cant get enough biome variation in because the world is just too small… and then things like the planets in the sky/globes use set ranges of lods… and the worlds would be so small at that point that wed have to spend time refactoring various areas here to allow more dynamic lod selection for generation rather than just usage to allow higher-detailed (but still smaller since world is smaller) texture data to be created/distributed/used etc etc etc…

basicly a lot of work to get “really small” (smaller than exo) or “really large” (larger than the larger-than-standard sovereign/creative size) working fully and well.