Is it me or do the prices seem weird

The prices seem based on the volume of the world not based on the surface area

If you get a large world aren’t you paying 4 times as much as a small world for twice as many regions?

34 vs 64 regions costs 9.99 vs 39.99

Why not just buy four worlds for 39.96 and get 136 regions instead of 64

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May also have to do with player cap.

What are they player caps?

10, 20, and 40

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Wow. Really.

Maybe I don’t understand the question or the premise but I was assuming it made sense because:

3km has an area/volume 1 exo (area and volume scale similarly because height is always 256)
4.5 km is 1.5x longer so 2.25x the area and volume
6km is 2x longer so 4x the area and volume

4.5km is the best ratio of area or volume to price :stuck_out_tongue:

Why would you pay for volume

It’s surface area that you want

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Honestly I wish they had a smaller one. I’d rather have a planet with 10 regions :sweat_smile:


hopefully not too off topic but I think it’d be cool if they had mixes of player caps and sizes, like
small world player cap 40 or 80
enormous world player cap 10

basically so people can choose to trade off 1 feature for another for a lower price. I know the player caps bother some ppl and they’re getting a $40 just for the player cap.


Yeah I’ve seen that too. You can’t run a hunt on a 10 person planet lol.


90% certain it’s based off player caps. That’s how ever other server rental for games is done (ime at least). Volume in this case is just a coincidental value with no real relation imo.


I was about to say that makes sense

But even with player caps it doesn’t add up. You’d get a combined player cap of 40 with four small worlds, same as one large world. But you get fewer regions.

but theyre not on simultaneously. (able to play together i mean) More players increase server loads. I dont know how increased server loads scales up in cost.

typo haha?

I meant a mix, where the World is Big but the Player Cap is Small
no punctuation = my fault LOL

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If you buy four small worlds you can have 10 ppl on each
So that’s the same server load, but you get more regions

aaah yeah ok ok…

Also tougher to host games and other fun events that ppl were imagining

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the pricing is fine i used too run a minecraft server paid 60 for 80 slots

its mostly to pay for bandwidth etc