Is it possible to move the beacon?

I want to move my beacon just a few blocks away from where it is. What’s the best way to do this?

If I remove all the plots first, and bash the beacon in order to get it back, do I also lose the fuel?

Make a new beacon, add it where you want it to be, set it as the Master Beacon Control, then hit the old beacon 'til it drops back into inventory.


The location of the new beacon is in my plot that’s already reserved by the old beacon. I’m thinking the only way is to remove plots first rather than your approach?

You can have hundreds of beacons in the same plot (well 512 to be exact). They are just an interface to control the actual claimed plots.


If the new location is already within a claimed plot just follow what schasm said. If you are trying to move the beacon to an unclaimed adjacent plot you’ll need to claim the plot first then follow the steps above.