Is down?

Hey is it just me or is the main site down?

Yeah I’m having that too, just a blank page…

jepp, me too … may be the page gets a new look? (tomorrow is Oort’s 1st Birthday :wink: )


Woah really? I didn’t know that. Now I’m hoping for something new.
(And maybe they might release a little more game content as a surprise :slight_smile: )

Yeah as birne says, its 1 year anniversary for announcement tommorow and i am pretty sure something will happen, hopefully a patch with new stuff.

Down for me too, I really hope there is new stuff coming^^

The site is down as the host is having an outage. Will hopefully be back soon - but it’s out of our control. :frowning:

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oh … not good … hope everything is going on smooth soon :confused:

At least we still have the forum :oort:


At least james didn’t deny that something special is happening tomorrow^^


Well he did way it was an outage, which most likely refers to a power outage, so as far as i can see he said ‘‘it is down because the server hosting the website is having power problems’’ which would imply that it is not on purpose.

yes but “The site isn’t down because of an update” doesn’t implie “There will be no update”

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The Hope is the last to die! … painful suffering giving it’s last breath on it’s dying bed :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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No major update this week, but we are gaining a big backlog of stuff to release. Thanks for your patience, it will be worth it!

The next major release will almost certainly be the most content we’ve released since launch.


An audio amuse-bouche.

2 Likes is back up for me - btw.


That sounds very mech-ish^^

No worries. You guys are making good progress.

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any news on the QA video, or did you guys kinda give up on that?

Sounds like an airship engine that turns on and off.