Is there a chisel guide?

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I have been trying out chisels for ages now and I noticed it will take me a bit longer to get these high-tier chisels. So before I create a chisel that I don’t need… can anyone tell me, which chisel I need to make these corners? I tried stone, copper, iron, silver and gold and none of them got me those. I am either stupid or I just don’t have the right chisel just yet. Is there a chisel guide out? It would be great if that picture that James posted would just have the chisel next to it! :wink:

Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:


Silver is the one youre looking for but you need to have chisel mastery and the proper precise skill which would be precise slope which branches from the chisel mastery tree.
Without the right mastery a silver chisel will perform just like a copper one.

[Edit] actually @Jiivita did a good explanation video on youtube, check it out :slight_smile:


Aaaaaaaah… I never skilled that because it never said what it is actually for. I thought it’d just increase durability (I also skilled the hammer and see no difference). :slight_smile:

I wished they’d do the descriptions for the skill tree soon. It’s so bloody confusing!!

Thanks ctrl-64! :+1:


So I skilled that now… am I the only one who thinks it’s stupid? i basically now wasted 30 skill points on 2 skills that do nothing (? or am I blind ?) only to get to the skill I need which cost another 15 skill points?


I think a few simple statues for learning might help


Yea unfortunately you won’t see a difference until your mastery is maxed so you can get the precise skill… yea this stuff is costly heh…


Jiivita made a video on YouTube that I believe was titled new chisel, or chisel mechanics or something. Worth checking out, as it goes more in depth.

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The video in question. Just gave it a watch and it explained many things.


Just as a note, I thought the normal (first two levels) of Chisel Mastery did nothing too, but I did notice that the action speed is reduced when using chisels without those levels of mastery. So now my builder/main chisels twice as fast. :slight_smile:

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So post something in Suggestions or Support that clearly describes where the game is deficient and how it should be improved. You’ve spotting something that needs improving - help the team by letting us know.


Thanks guys, I watched that clip last week some time but only up to until he finished showing the chisels off… I missed the last bit where he points out the skills… duh!

Hm, so many skills still state that “it will be implemented with another update”, so I just hoped you’d do that automatically, once you fiddle around with it. I assumed that for example: “increases your ability to use a hammer” is merely a placeholder and not a serious information on what that skill REALLY does (i.e. speed, power, swing-curve, does it make glitter when used, do unicorns pop out, that description really could mean anything), hence I don’t need to tell you guys what I think should actually be put as information in there but just wait until you have time to update it. If I am mistaken I am quite happily suggesting what could be written in there, however… for that… I need to know what that skill really does. It’s a vicious circle, isn’t it? :slight_smile:
(I used the hammer, not the chisel… sorry, but my point stands…) :slight_smile: