Is there a current features status page?

Is there a page or maybe an area that shows what is currently in the game at the exact moment of alpha. For example I’m not looking for what is planned but what is out now to explore. I saw that crafting was expected but found little to nothing out of it yet. But I am super excited for this game and would love to know more on what I can actually do currently, and mess around with what is out at this moment in Alpha.

Right now the game is very similar to how Minecraft classic was, just way cooler- the only thing you can really do is explore and build using infinite blocks. There are a variety of different worlds with varying biomes.

Caves are particularly awe inspiring to delve into, and different biomes have different cave structures. As well you can check out and explore what others have built. There’s also a grapple-hook for mobility, slippy ice and bouncy blocks which can be used to make slides and trampolines.

Expect to see many blocks that have blank debug textures, particularly ores.

I myself find the game very peaceful right now, which is pleasant.

(The main page with the funding goals on it indicates what’s been finished so far- but right now all that’s done is the tech demo.)

Do you really think that will have time to get out of the pre-alpha, alpha, and from out of beta … and release at the end of 2015? I doubt it very much, you just physically do not have time. Especially since the game is still dependent on funding. If I understand correctly. I think even a couple of years.